Topical meeting proceedings, Monterey, California, March 5-8, 1979 / International Conference on Fast Breeder Reactor Fuel Performance ; technical editors, E. C. Norman ... [et al.] ; sponsored by American Nuclear Society, Materials Science & Technology Division, American Institute of Mechanical Engineers, American Society of Metallurgists, Nuclear Metallurgy Committee, United States Department of Energy.

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Norman, E. C.
La Grange Park, Ill. : American Nuclear Society, 1979.
xv, 954 p.
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fast breeder reactor : conference united states
fuel element : radiation effect
fuel pin : ebr-2 reactor : phenix reactor
fuel element assembly : br-2 reactor : gcfr type reactor
fuel pin : dounreay fast reactor : lmfbr type reactor
fuel coolant interaction : lmfbr type reactor

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