Handbook of hydroxyacetophenones [E-Book] : preparation and physical properties / Robert Martin.
Martin, Robert
Dordrecht : Springer, 2005
Chemistry ; Organic Chemistry
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Acylphenols are used as starting material for an extremely large number of syntheses in organic chemistry, leading to a wide range of applications. For this reason, it seemed interesting to bring up to date the first dictionary, entitled Handbook of Hydroxyacetophenones, published in 1997. All the ketones appearing in this first dictionary will also be included in the enlarged second edition entitled above. Some texts have been revised as the new informations show some interest. On top of this a large number of homologous ketones has been introduced. However, this new (2004) version is not only an update of the former data, but 11 other ketone families have been added. The new dictionary covers about 3000 hydroxyacetophenones, methodically classified usually under the official nomenclature of ‘Ethanones’ according to the International System (IUPAC) and the recommendations given in the Chemical Abstracts ‘Collective Index’ (CI) since 1972. About 3500 bibliographic references are compiled in this book. Names of periodicals are abbreviated according to the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI). Whenever hydroxyacetophenones can be obtained from plants, sources and corresponding references are given. For each compound described, the different protocols of synthesis are presented as well as the main physicochemical characteristics and references of spectroscopic data. Besides, the usual abbreviations are also indicated at the end of this dictionary. For precise and quick location of an hydroxyacetophenone, you can refer either to the classification by molecular formula (Molecular Formula Index) or to the Chemical Abstracts Registry Numbers table. A Usual Names Index including the current names of some hydroxyacetophenones and their precursors is also available. Finally, a glance through any chapter of this Dictionary will inform the reader on the diverse ways of synthesizing hydroxyacetophenones. These methods can also be used to obtain hitherto unknown analogs in the related series.