Nutritional management of diabetes mellitus and dysmetabolic syndrome : [E-Book] 11th Nestle Nutrition Workshop, Hangzhou, October-November 2005. - Evaluating treatment and prevention strategies / eds.: J. P. Bantl
Bantle, John P..
Basel : Karger, 2006
Online-Ressource XIV + 224 S.
Nestle nutrition workshop series : Clinical & performance programme ;
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Over the next decade, the global number of people with diabetes and at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease is expected to grow by 25%, largely driven by the rising prevalence of obesity and inactivity. The problem is especially serious in Asia, where the WHO predicts that in less than a decade, 60% of the worldwide population with diabetes will be found. In order to avoid that the disease turns into a huge economic burden, individuals at risk must be identified, and prevention and suitable treatment interventions implemented.Conceding that the optimal diet for diabetes has yet to be defined and that nutrition and lifestyle management must be individualized to enhance the potential for a successful outcome, this publication examines the impact of lifestyle - which includes both nutritional management and physical activity - in the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Among the topics addressed are the dysmetabolic syndrome, glycemic effect of carbohydrates, glycemic control and beyond, diabetes in the life cycle as well as the role of drugs and dietary therapy. Written by leading experts in the field, the papers collected in this publication contain a wealth of information for nutritionists, dietitians, physicians and epidemiologists.