PCR Detection of Microbial Pathogens [E-Book]/ edited by Mark Wilks.
Wilks, Mark.
2nd ed. 2013.
Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 2013
XI, 317 p. 30 illus., 19 illus. in color. digital.
Methods in molecular biology, methods and protocols ; 943
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Table of Contents:
  • Real-time Quantitative PCR, Pathogen Detection and MIQE
  • Overcoming Inhibition in Real-time Diagnostic PCR
  • Quality in the Molecular Microbiology Laboratory
  • Pre-Analytical Sample Treatment and DNA Extraction Protocols for the Detection of Bacterial Pathogens from Whole Blood
  • Detection of Bacterial Contamination in Platelet Concentrates using Flow Cytometry and Real-time PCR Methods
  • Multiplex Real-time PCR Assay for the Detection of Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Panton-Valentine Leukocidin from Clinical Samples
  • PCR Detection of Haemophilus influenzae from Respiratory Specimens.-  Rapid Detection of Atypical Respiratory Bacterial Pathogens by Real-time PCR
  • Use of Multiple Real-time PCR Assays for the Diagnosis of Bodetella spp in Clinical Specimens
  • Detection of Mycoplasma pneumoniae by Real-time PCR
  • Real-Time PCR Assay for the Diagnosis of Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia
  • Rapid Identification of Mycobacteria and Rapid Detection of Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Cultured Isolates and in Respiratory Specimens
  • Direct Detection of Mycobaterium ulcerans in Clinical Specimens and Environmental Samples
  • Detection of Bartonella spp. DNA in Clinical Specimens using an Internally Controlled Real-time PCR Assay
  • Direct Identification of Multiple Genital Pathogens in Urine using Multiplex PCR-based Reverse Line Blot Assays
  • Diagnosis of Clostridium difficile Infection using Real-time PCR
  • Detection of Pathogenic Leptospira spp. through Real-time PCR (qPCR) Targeting the LipL32 Gene
  • Sensitive and Rapid Detection of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli using Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification
  • PCR Detection of Helicobacter pylori in Clinical Samples
  • Rapid Detection of the Escherichia coli Genospecies in Water by Conventional and Real-time PCR
  • Multiplex Real Time PCR (MRT-PCR) for Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli..