Principles of electron optics. [E-Book]. vol. 1-3
Hawkes, Peter W.
Kasper, E.
[S.l.] : Academic Press, 1994
1 online resource (3 v.)
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This set is a reprint of the acclaimed three-volume series, Principles of Electron Optics which represents the first and only comprehensive treatment of electron optics in over forty years. Each volume focuses on different aspects of Electron Optics, but together these three volumes cover systematically the whole of the subject, making this complete set an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the field of Optics. Volumes One and Two are devoted to geometrical optics, covering classical mechanics; calculation of static fields; the paraxial approximation; aberrations; deflection systems; computer-aided electro-optics; instrumental optic aberration correctionand beam intensity distribution; electron guns; and systems with a curved optic axis. Volume Three covers wave optics and effects due to wave length, and deals with wave mechanics; electron interference and electron holography; theory of image formation; electron interactions in thin specimens; digital image processing; and coherence, brightness and spectral functions. Together these three volumes comprise a resource which has been called" ... the definitive text and source book in the field ... "(K.C.A. Smith, ROYAL MICROSCOPY SOCIETY REVIEW) Key Features * The most comprehensive coverage of the field in over forty years * Contains extensive references and notes containing the contents of many of the major papers cited in the text * Covers every significant advance in Electron Optics since the subject originated * Exceptionally complete and carefully selected references.