Network and Parallel Computing [E-Book] : 9th IFIP International Conference, NPC 2012, Gwangju, Korea, September 6-8, 2012. Proceedings / edited by James J. Park, Albert Zomaya, Sang-Soo Yeo, Sartaj Sahni.
Park, James J.
Sahni, Sartaj. / Yeo, Sang-Soo. / Zomaya, Albert.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2012
XX, 647 p. 253 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7513
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Table of Contents:
  • An Application-Level Scheduling with Task Bundling Approach for Many-Task Computing in Heterogeneous Environments
  • DGraph: Algorithms for Shortgun Reads Assembly Using De Bruijn Graph
  • Knowledge-Based Adaptive Self-Scheduling
  • Communication Locality Analysis of Triplet-Based Hierarchical Interconnection Network in Chip Multiprocessor
  • A Scoring System for Short Answers on the Test in a Large Group
  • Reference Variables for Dynamic, Reliable Packet Operations
  • Are Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Superior to Homogeneous Ones?
  • Dynamic Spray and Wait Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks
  • A Dynamic Popularity-Aware Load Balancing Algorithm for Structured P2P Systems
  • NCCPIS: A Co-simulation Tool for Networked Control and Cyber-Physical System Evaluation
  • Dempster-Shafer Theory to Identify Insider Attacker in Wireless Sensor Network
  • MIB-ITrace-CP: An Improvement of ICMP-Based Traceback Efficiency in Network Forensic Analysis
  • Breaking a Robust Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
  • An Analysis of Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation Protocols for WSNs
  • Hybrid Obfuscated Javascript Strength Analysis System for Detection of Malicious Websites
  • Detection and Mitigation of Web Application Vulnerabilities Based on Security Testing
  • Small World Asynchronous Parallel Model for Genome Assembly
  • UKCF: A New Graphics Driver Cross-Platform Translation Framework for Virtual Machines
  • Fast Parallel Garner Algorithm for Chinese Remainder Theorem
  • dMPI: Facilitating Debugging of MPI Programs via Deterministic Message Passing
  • On Dynamic Communication Performance of a Hierarchical 3D-Mesh Network
  • An Elastic Architecture Adaptable to Millions of Application Scenarios
  • Demystifying Performance Predictions of Distributed FFT3D Implementations
  • MAP-numa: Access Patterns Used to Characterize the NUMA Memory Access Optimization Techniques and Algorithms
  • mHLogGP: A Parallel Computation Model for CPU/GPU Heterogeneous Computing Cluster
  • Estimating Available Bandwidth in Cooperative Multi-hop Wireless Networks
  • Relative Priority Analysis of Korean IS Audit Standard Check Items Using the Constant-Sum Method
  • Improving the Performances of Internet-Based Marketplace for Technology: A Korean Case Study
  • The Day-of-the Week Effects for Cloud-Based Shipment Timing Support System for Stored Apples
  • An Empirical View on Opportunistic Forwarding Relay Selection Using Contact Records Design and Deployment of Testbed for Experimental Sensor Network Research
  • Implementation of the Integrated Monitoring System Based on an Automatic Disaster Prevention Device
  • Smart Ring: A Model of Node Failure Detection in High Available Cloud Data Center
  • EaSync: A Transparent File Synchronization Service across Multiple Machines
  • Relationship between Correcting Code and Module Technique in Hiding Secret Data
  • Different Characteristics of Radio Modules in Wireless Body Sensor Network Systems
  • The Development of Sustainable Growth Strategy Model Based on the User Tendency in the Online Game Services
  • Computer Education’s Teaching-Learning Methods Using Educational Programming Language Based on STEAM Education
  • The Performances Study of EDCF with Block Ack in WLANs
  • A Study of SLA-Based Defense Resource Management Strategy in Network Security Defense System
  • A New Approach for Detecting SMTPFA Based on Entropy Measurement
  • A Multi-constraint Resource Search Algorithm for P2P-SIP Conference Services
  • The Effects of Governmental Subsidy on the Quality of Education in Taiwan’s Private Universities and Colleges
  • Use of Patient Safety and Reporting Law and Ethics as Example
  • The Instructional Design of a Web-Based Self-reflective Learning Portfolio for Skill Training
  • The Difference Analysis between Demographic Variables and Personal Attributes – The Case of Internal Auditors in Taiwan
  • Success Factors and Problems Encountered in the Workplace Learning of University/College of Technology Students in Taiwan: A Five-Star Hotel as an Example
  • Cross-Cultural Training Programs and Expatriate Adjustment Effectiveness
  • Soft Power: A Critical Factor for the Effectiveness and Development of a School
  • Merging Grid into Clustering-Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Termination Detection Technique Using Gossip in Cloud Computing Environments
  • OEIRM: An Open Distributed Processing Based Interoperability Reference Model for e-Science
  • Using PCI Pass-Through for GPU Virtualization with CUDA
  • Parallel Valuation of the Lower and Upper Bound Prices for Multi-asset Bermudan Options
  • Insight of Direct Search Methods and Module-Integrated Algorithms for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems
  • Pricing Bermudan Interest Rate Swaptions via Parallel Simulation under the Extended Multi-factor LIBOR Market Model
  • Evolving Linear Discriminant in Continuously Growing Dimensional Space for Incremental Attribute Learning
  • Compact Multiplicative Inverter for Hardware Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
  • Space Exploration of Multi-agent Robotics via Genetic Algorithm
  • Weightless Swarm Algorithm (WSA) for Dynamic Optimization Problems
  • Design of a Reliable XOR-XNOR Circuit for Arithmetic Logic Units
  • New Electronic Acupuncture System Using Intelligence
  • A Runtime Environment for Distributed Mashups in Multi-device Scenarios
  • A Location-Based Algorithm for Supporting Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Nibble-CRC for Underwater Acoustic Communication
  • An Optimized Sub-texture Mapping Technique for an Arbitrary Texture Considering Topology Relations
  • Research on a Smart Input Device Using Multimodal Bio-signal Interface
  • Cryptanalysis of an RFID Tag Search Protocol Preserving Privacy of Mobile Reader
  • Cryptanalysis of Goriparthi et al.’s Bilinear Pairing Based Remote User Authentication Scheme
  • Energy-Efficiency Protocol for Securing the Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Novel Time Reversal-Least Sidelobe Scheme to Minimize ISI and MUI
  • SNR-Based Partial Relay Selection Scheme over Multiple Relay Network
  • Robust Face Recognition in Low Resolution and Blurred Image Using Joint Information in Space and Frequency
  • Algorithms Based on Finite Automata for Testing of Z-codes
  • Design of the Cognitive Information Display for Water Level Control of the Steam Generator in Korean Nuclear Power Reactor.