Solid electrolytes : General principles, characterization, materials, applications / edited by Paul Hagenmuller ...

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Hagenmuller, Paul, (editor)
New-York, NY : Academic Pr., 1978
XVII, 549 S.
Materials science and technology
theory of solid electrolytes
crystal structures and fast ionic conduction
diffraction studies of superionic conductors
transport mechanisms and lattice defects
high frequency measurements
NMR techniques for studying ionic diffusion
ESR measurements
structure/property relationship of beta alumina
interface phenomena
solid electrolyte materials
organic ion conductors
inorganic silver ion conductors
inorganic copper ion conductors
beta- alumina
ion conductive glasses
oxygen ion conductors
fluorine ion conductors
A(n)BX(n) compounds
mixed one- and two- dimensional conductors
electronic insulators with tunnel and sheet structures
skeleton structures
applications of solid electrolytes
high temperature fuel cells
galvanic cells
thermodynamic measurements with solid electrolytes
potentiometric gages
heating elements
membranes in ion selective electrodes

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