Intelligent Information and Database Systems [E-Book] : 5th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 18-20, 2013, Proceedings, Part II / edited by Ali Selamat, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Habibollah Haron.
Selamat, Ali.
Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh. / Haron, Habibollah.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2013
XXIV, 562 p. 182 illus. digital.
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7803
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Table of Contents:
  • Detection of Noise in Digital Images by Using the Averaging Filter Name COV
  • k-Means Clustering on Pre-calculated Distance-Based Nearest Neighbor Search for Image Search
  • A New Approach for Collaborative Filtering Based on Mining Frequent Itemsets
  • Reduction of Training Noises for Text Classifiers
  • Prediction of Relevance between Requests and Web Services Using ANN and LR Models
  • A Ruled-Based Part of Speech (RPOS) Tagger for Malay Text Articles
  • Viable System Model in Capturing Iterative Features within Architectural Design Processes
  • Identifying Same Wavelength Groups from Twitter: A Sentiment Based Approach
  • An Improved Evolutionary Algorithm for Extractive Text Summarization
  • Hybrid-Learning Based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Orienteering Problem Modeling for Electric Vehicle-Based Tour
  • Integrating Social Information into Collaborative Filtering for Celebrities Recommendation
  • A Semantically Enhanced Tag-Based Music Recommendation Using Emotion Ontology
  • A Method for Determination of an Opening Learning Scenario in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Recommending QA Documents for Communities of Question-Answering Websites
  • Using Subtree Agreement for Complex Tree Integration Tasks
  • Data Sets for Offline Evaluation of Scholar’s Recommender System
  • A Method for Collaborative Recommendation in Document Retrieval Systems
  • Combining Multiple Clusterings of Chemical Structures Using Cumulative Voting-Based Aggregation Algorithm
  • Investigation of Incremental Support Vector Regression Applied to Real Estate Appraisal
  • A Descriptive Method for Generating siRNA Design Rules
  • A Space-Time Trade Off for FUFP-trees Maintenance
  • Adaptive Splitting and Selection Method for Noninvasive Recognition of Liver Fibrosis Stage
  • Investigation of Mixture of Experts Applied to Residential Premises Valuation
  • Competence Region Modelling in Relational Classification
  • Approach to Practical Ontology Design for Supporting COTS Component Selection Processes
  • Planning of Relocation Staff Operations in Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems
  • Thematic Analysis by Discovering Diffusion Patterns in Social Media: An Exploratory Study with TweetScope
  • A Practical Method for Compatibility Evaluation of Portable Document Formats
  • Sentiment Analysis for Tracking Breaking Events: A Case Study on Twitter
  • Classification of Plantar Dermatoglyphic Patterns for the Diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome
  • Adaptive Cumulative Voting-Based Aggregation Algorithm for Combining Multiple Clusterings of Chemical Structures
  • LINGO-DOSM: LINGO for Descriptors of Outline Shape of Molecules
  • Prediction of Mouse Senescence from HE-Stain Liver Images Using an Ensemble SVM Classifier
  • An Introduction to Yoyo Blind Man Algorithm (YOYO-BMA)
  • A New Method for Job Scheduling in Two-Levels Hierarchical Systems
  • Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm for Rough Set Feature Selection
  • Information-Based Scale Saliency Methods with Wavelet Sub-band Energy Density Descriptors
  • Feature Subset Selection Using Binary Gravitational Search Algorithm for Intrusion Detection System
  • Sparse Signal Recovery by Difference of Convex Functions Algorithms
  • DC Programming and DCA Based Cross-Layer Optimization in Multi-hop TDMA Networks
  • The Multi-flow Necessary Condition for Membership in the Pedigree Polytope Is Not Sufficient- A Counterexample
  • A Linear Integer Program to Reduce Air Traffic Delay in Enroute Airspace
  • Modeling the Structure of Recommending Interfaces with Adjustable Influence on Users
  • Increasing Website Conversions Using Content Repetitions with Different Levels of Persuasion
  • Virtual Collaboration in the Supply Chains – T-Scale Platform Case Study
  • Cooperation between Logistics Service Providers Based on Cloud Computing
  • Discovering Missing Links in Large-Scale Linked Data
  • Effective Hotspot Removal System Using Neural Network Predictor
  • A Case Study on Trust-Based Automated Blog Recommendation Making
  • Consensus for Collaborative Ontology-Based Vietnamese WordNet Building
  • An Ontological Context-Aware Approach for a Dynamic Business Process Formulation
  • SMAC - Dataflow and Storage Modeling for Remote Personnel Identification in Restricted Areas
  • Infrastructure vs. Access Competition in NGNs
  • Modeling and Verifying DML Triggers Using Event-B
  • A Conceptual Multi-agent Framework Using Ant Colony Optimization and Fuzzy Algorithms for Learning Style Detection.