Pervasive Computing and the Networked World [E-Book] : Joint International Conference, ICPCA/SWS 2012, Istanbul, Turkey, November 28-30, 2012, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Qiaohong Zu, Bo Hu, Atilla Elçi.
Zu, Qiaohong.
Hu, Bo. / Elçi, Atilla.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2013
XXII, 921 p. 434 illus. digital.
Printed edition: 9783642370144
Lecture notes in computer science ; 7719
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Table of Contents:
  • Online and Offline Determination of QT and PR Interval and QRS Duration in Electrocardiography
  • Predicting Reader’s Emotion on Chinese Web News
  • Clustering Algorithm Based on Triple-Stranded and 3-armed DNA Model
  • Synthesis of Real-Time Applications for Internet of Things
  • iScope – Viewing Biosignals on Mobile Devices
  • CloudSVM: Training an SVM Classifier in Cloud Computing Systems
  • A Document-Based Data Warehousing Approach for Large Scale Data Mining
  • Smart Navigation for Firefighters in Hazardous Environments: A Ban-Based Approach
  • Personalized Recommendation Based on Implicit Social Network of Researchers
  • Effect on Generalization of Using Relational Information in List-Wise Algorithms
  • The Optimization of Two-Stage Planetary Gear Train Based on Mathmatica
  • Mobi-CoSWAC: An Access Control Approach for Collaborative Scientific Workflow in Mobile Environment
  • A Survey of Learning to Rank for Real-Time Twitter Search
  • A Formal Approach to Model the Interaction between User and AmI Environment
  • Multi-Robot Traveling Problem Constrained by Connectivity
  • Cost-Effective and Distributed Mobility Management Scheme in Sensor-Based PMIPv6 Networks with SPIG Support
  • An Enhanced Security Mechanism for Web Service Based
  • Geo-Ontology-Based Object-Oriented Spatiotemporal Data Modeling
  • A New Object-Oriented Approach towards GIS Seamless Spatio-Temporal Data Model Construction
  • PAPR Reduction for 802.16e by Clipping and Tone Reservation Based on Amplitude Scale Factor
  • A DCaaS Model of DNA Computing for Solving a Class of Nonlinear Problems
  • Enriching Context-Oriented Programming with Structured Context Representation
  • Analysis of the Square Pillar Electromagnetic Scattering under the PML Absorbing Boundary Condition
  • A Framework Based on Grid for Large-Scale Risk Files Analysis
  • A Cache-Sensitive Hash Indexing Structure for Main Memory Database
  • Cranduler: A Dynamic and Reusable Scheduler for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Study on Virtual Simulation of the New Screw Pile Hammers Based on a Combination of Multi-software Platforms
  • The Interference Effect of Group Diversity on Social Information Foraging
  • A New Positioning Algorithm in Mobile Network
  • QoS Routing for LEO Satellite Networks
  • A Slot Assignment Algorithm Based on Nodes’ Residual
  • Heterogeneity-Aware Optimal Power Allocation in Data Center Environments
  • A Discussion on Intelligent Management System for Centralized Plotting and Filing of Railway Design Institute
  • Optimizing Interactive Performance for Desktop-Virtualization Environment
  • Design and Implementation of Clusters Monitor System Based on Android
  • A Contact-History Based Routing for Publish-Subscribe Scheme in Hierarchical Opportunistic Networks
  • A Fast Indexing Algorithm Optimization with User Behavior Pattern
  • An FPGA Real-Time Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio in Very High Throughput WLAN
  • Trust Services-Oriented Multi-Objects Workflow Scheduling Model for Cloud Computing
  • Scalable SAPRQL Querying Processing on Large RDF Data in Cloud Computing Environment
  • Solving Directed Hamilton Path Problem in Parallel by Improved SN P System
  • Application of TDMI in Government Informatization
  • Design of Control System for Hydraulic Lifting Platform with Jack-Up Wind-Power Installation Vessel
  • Research on Motion Control Technology for Virtual Assembly Platform
  • Efficient Data Collection with Spatial Clustering in Time Constraint WSN Applications
  • The Effect of Critical Transmission Range in Epidemic Data Propagation for Mobile Ad-hoc Social Network
  • Research on Cooperative Scheduling at Container Terminal under Uncertainties
  • Location Context Aware Collective Filtering Algorithm
  • Clustering Analysis Research Based on DNA Genetic Algorithm
  • Research and Analysis of Method of Ranking Micro-blog Search Results Based on Binary Logistic Model
  • A Kinect Based Golf Swing Reorganization and Segmentation System
  • An EEG Based Pervasive Depression Detection for Females
  • Opportunistic Networks Architecture with Fixed Infrastructure Nodes
  • An Improved DNA Computing Method for Elevator Scheduling Problem
  • Campus Network Operation and Maintenance Management and Service Based on ITIL Service Desk
  • Enhanced ALOHA Algorithm for Chirp Spread Spectrum Positioning
  • A Case Study of Integrating IoT Technology in Bridge Health Monitoring.