Greening Development Planning [E-Book]: A Review of Country Case Studies for Making the Economic Case for Improved Management of Environment and Natural Resources / Olof Drakenberg ... [et al]
Drakenberg, Olof.
Paulsen, Sandra. / Andersson, Jessica. / Dahlberg, Emelie. / Darin Mattsson, Kristoffer. / Wikstrom, Elisabeth.
Paris : OECD Publishing, 2009
58 p. ; 21 x 29.7cm.
OECD Environment Working Papers ; 5
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Different approaches to making the economic case for improved management of natural capital in national planning are reviewed in this report. In many low-income countries natural resources sectors (agriculture, mining, forestry, fishery, nature-based tourism) are identified as the engines of economic growth. However, a majority of the ecosystems on which human well-being depends are being degraded. The difficulties in providing economic and policy-relevant information about sustainable economic management of natural capital are often seen as an important reason for inadequate integration of the environment in macroeconomic and sector polices. The report concludes that the analysed country studies (Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mozambique, Peru, Tajikistan and Uganda) mainly relied on existing domestic or international analytical work, used relatively basic calculations/data (such as the market value of fisheries, the value of timber sold etc.) and often formed part of a broader analytical effort.