Chemistry Beyond Chlorine [E-Book] / edited by Pietro Tundo, Liang-Nian He, Ekaterina Lokteva, Claudio Mota.
He, Liang-Nian, (editor)
Lokteva, Ekaterina, (editor) / Mota, Claudio, (editor) / Tundo, Pietro, (editor)
Cham : Springer, 2016
XXVI, 608 p. 486 illus., 17 illus. in color. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Philip Hodge, A Green Method for Potentially Recycling Condensation Polymers: Ring-chain Recycling
  • Attilio Citterio, Green syntheses of bicarboxylic acids for polymer manufactures
  • Carlo Perego, Zeolites as catalysts for MDA synthesis and DMC as reagent for MDI e TDI manufacture
  • Marcella Fernandes de Souza, Ricardo Sposina Sobral Teixeira, Ayla Sant’Ana da Silva, Viridiana Santana Ferreira-Leitão, Elba Pinto da Silva Bon, Chlorine-free biomass processing: enzymatic alternatives for bleaching and hydrolysis of lignocellulosic materials
  • Yehuda Shevah, Substitution of chloride chemicals with degradable bio-flocculants for sedimentation of suspended particles in water
  • Ekaterina Lokteva, Elena Golubina, Vladimir Likholobov and Valery Lunin, Disposal of chlorine-containing wastes
  • Claudio J. A. Mota, Chlorine-Free Heterogeneous Acid Catalysts
  • Yury Treger and Mark Flid, Chloroorganic synthesis: Problems? Outlook!
  • Aziz Muzafarov, Polymers beyond chlorine
  • Shouying Huang, Yuanyuan Dong, Shengping Wang, Xinbin Ma, Chlorine-Free Catalysis for the Synthesis of Dialkyl Carbonate via Oxidative Carbonylation of alcohols
  • Mei-Yan Wang, Hai-Bo Wang, Qiang-Hao Qu, Liang-Nian He, Industrial Production of Dimethyl Carbonate from CO2 in China
  • Binshen Wang, Elnazeer H. M. Elageed, Guohua Gao, Organic Carbonates Transformation Catalyzed by Ionic Liquids
  • Shin-ichiro Fujita, Hiroshi Yoshida, Masahiko Arai, Synthesis of Carbonate Compounds Using Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide – Derived Materials
  • Zhongwei Fu and Yuezhong Meng, Research Progress in the Phosgene-free and Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Carbonate from CO2 and Methanol
  • Qing-Wen Song and Liang-Nian He, Heterocyclic Synthesis through C-N Bond Formation with Carbon Dioxide
  • Huanwang Jing, Beyond Chlorine Reagents: Organic Carbonate Chemistry
  • Ian D. V. Ingram, Professor Michael North and Dr. Xiao Wu, Halide free synthesis of cyclic and polycarbonates
  • Aurelia Visa, Bianca Maranescu, Gheorghe Ilia, Hypophosphorus Acid and its Salts as Reagents in Organophosphorus Chemistry
  • Maria Caporali, Manuel Serrano Ruiz, Maurizio Peruzzini, Benign chlorine-free approaches to organophosphorus compounds
  • Pietro Tundo and Fabio Aricò, Dialkyl Carbonates in the synthesis of heterocycles
  • John Andraos, Application of Green Metrics Analysis to the Synthesis of Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) – Comparison of Chlorine versus Non-chlorine Based Routes
  • Feng Wang, Wenbo Liu and Chao-Jun Li, Catalytic Grignard-Type Addition of Aryl C-H Bonds to C=O and C=N Bonds
  • Oleg M. Demchuk, Radomir Jasiński, Adam Formela, The halogenless catalytic transition metal mediated cross-coupling reactions. A sustainable alternative for utilisation of organohalides.