Synthetic methods in drug discovery. [E-Book] / editors: David C. Blakemore, Paul M. Doyle, Yvette M. Fobian. Volume 1
Blakemore, David, (editor)
Doyle, Paul, (editor) / Fobian, Yvette, (editor)
[Cambridge] : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016
1 online resource.
Drug discovery ; 52
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Synthetic Methods in Drug Discovery Volume 1 focusses on the hugely important area of transition metal mediated methods used in industry. Current methods of importance such as the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling, Buchwald-Hartwig couplings and CH activation are discussed. In addition, exciting emerging areas such as decarboxylative coupling, and the uses of iron and nickel in coupling reactions are also covered. This book provides both academic and industrial perspectives on some key reactions giving the reader an excellent overview of the techniques used in modern synthesis. Reaction types are conveniently framed in the context of their value to industry and the challenges and limitations of methodologies are discussed with relevant illustrative examples. Edited and authored by leading scientists from both academia and industry, this book will be a valuable reference for all chemists involved in drug discovery as well as postgraduate students in medicinal chemistry.