Systems Genetics [E-Book] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Klaus Schughart, Robert W. Williams.
Schughart, Klaus, (editor)
Williams, Robert W., (editor)
New York, NY : Humana Press, 2017
XIV, 609 p. 164 illus., 137 illus. in color. online resource.
Methods in molecular biology ; 1488
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Table of Contents:
  • Resources for Systems Genetics
  • Heterogeneous Stock Populations for Analysis of Complex Traits
  • Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI): Resources for Mining Mouse Genetic, Genomic, and Biological Data in Support of Primary and Translational Research
  • GeneNetwork: A Toolbox for Systems Genetics
  • Complex Trait Analyses of the Collaborative Cross: Tools and Databases
  • Integrative Functional Genomics for Systems Genetics in
  • A Suite of Tools for Biologists that Improve Accessibility and Visualization of Large Systems Genetics Datasets: Applications to the Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel
  • Expression QTLs Mapping and Analysis: A Bayesian Perspective
  • Epigenetics and Control of RNAs
  • Integrating Multidimensional Data Sources to Identify Genes Regulating Complex Phenotypes
  • RNA-Seq in the Collaborative Cross
  • QTL Mapping and Identification of Candidate Genes in DO Mice: A Use Case Model Derived from a Benzene Toxicity Experiment
  • Visualization of Results from System Genetics Studies in Chromosomal Context
  • Genomic Control of Retinal Cell Number: Challenges, Protocols, and Results
  • Systems Genetics Analysis to Identify the Genetic Modulation of a Glaucoma-Associated Gene
  • Genetic Dissection of Variation in Hippocampal Intra-and Infrapyramidal Mossy Fibers in the Mouse
  • Complex Genetics of Cardiovascular Traits in Mice: F2-Mapping of QTLs and their Underlying Genes
  • Systems Genetics of Live Fibrosis
  • Systems Genetic Analysis of Iron and its Regulation in Brain and Periphery
  • Systems Genetics of Obesity
  • Social Interactions and Indirect Genetic Effects on Complex Juvenile and Adult Traits
  • Complex Genetics of Behaior: BXDs in the Automated Home-Cage
  • Integrative Analysis of Genetic, Genomic and Phenotypic Data for Ethanol Behaviors: A Network-Based Pipeline for Identifying Mechanisms and Potential Drug Targets
  • Dissection of Host Susceptibility to Bacterial Infections and its Toxins
  • The Collaborative Cross Resource for Systems Genetics Research of Infectious Diseases
  • Systems Genetics as a Tool to Identify Master Genetic Regulators in Complex Disease
  • Using Baseline Transcriptional Connectomes in Rat to Identify Genetic Pathways Associated with Predisposition to Complex Traits
  • Precise Network Modeling of Systems Genetic Data Using the Bayesian Network Webserver
  • Using Systems Genetics to Understanding the Etiology of Complex Disease. .