Olfactory subsystems in mammals: morphology, genetic and evolution [E-Book] / Ignacio Salazar ; Pablo Chamero
Lausanne : Frontiers Media SA, 2015
1 electronic resource (75 pages)
Nasal Cavity ; main olfactory epithelium ; Septal organ ; Vomeronasal epithelium ; ganglion of Gruneberg
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The nasal cavity and the elements it comprises are lined by mucosa. This mucosa contains olfactory sensory neurons, which are organized into four different territories: main olfactory epithelium, septal organ, vomeronasal epithelium and ganglion of Grünemberg. From a morphological point of view, these territories could initially be considered as isolated olfactory subsystems, which - as a whole or independently - have been addressed in the contributions enclosed in this Topic.