Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children [E-Book] / edited by Andrew W. Meyers, W. Edward Craighead.
Craighead, W. Edward, (editor)
Meyers, Andrew W., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1984
XX, 494 p. online resource.
Applied Clinical Psychology
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Table of Contents:
  • 1 Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children: A Historical, Conceptual, and Organizational Overview
  • 2 Social Development in Childhood
  • 3 Cognitive Development and Clinical Interventions
  • 4 Family Systems: Conceptualizing Child Problems within the Family Context
  • 5 Assessment Issues and Strategies in Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children
  • 6 Locus of Intervention in Child Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Implications of a Behavioral Community Psychology Perspective
  • 7 Cognitive Training with Learning-Disabled Pupils
  • 8 Cognitive Behavioral Interventions with Mentally Retarded Children
  • 9 Cognitive Behavior Modification with Psychotic Children: A Beginning
  • 10 Integrating Cognitive and Behavioral Procedures for the Treatment of Socially Isolated Children
  • 11 Childhood Stress and Anxiety: Individualizing Cognitive Behavioral Strategies in the Reduction of Medical and Dental Stress
  • 12 Aggression
  • 13 Cognitive Behavioral Interventions with Delinquents
  • 14 Preventive Interventions for Children: Cognitive Behavioral Perspectives
  • References
  • Author Index.