Stochastic Phenomena and Chaotic Behaviour in Complex Systems [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting of the UNESCO Working Group on Systems Analysis Flattnitz, Kärnten, Austria, June 6–10, 1983 / edited by Peter Schuster.
Schuster, Peter, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1984
VIII, 274 p. online resource.
Springer Series in Synergetics ; 21
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Table of Contents:
  • Introductory Remarks
  • I General Concepts
  • Some Basic Ideas on a Dynamic Information Theory
  • Aspects of Optimization and Adaptation
  • Relaxed Markov Processes, Jackson Networks and Polymerisation
  • II Chaotic Dynamics-Theory
  • Noodle-Map Chaos: A Simple Example
  • A Mechanism for Spurious Solutions of Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems
  • Approach to Equilibrium: Kuzmin’s Theorem for Dissipative and Expanding Maps
  • Complex Behaviours in Macrosystems Near Polycritical Points
  • III Chaotic Dynamics — Real Systems and Experimental Verification
  • Chaos in Classical Mechanics: The Double Pendulum
  • Chaos in Continuous Stirred Chemical Reactors
  • The Interface Between Mathematical Chaos and Experimental Chemistry
  • The Enzyme and the Strange Attractor—Comparisons of Experimental and Numerical Data for an Enzyme Reaction with Chaotic Motion
  • Nonuniform Information Processing by Strange Attractors of Chaotic Maps and Flows
  • IV Stability and Instability in Dynamical Networks
  • Generalized Modes and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
  • Dynamics of Linear and Nonlinear Autocatalysis and Competition
  • Permanence and Uninvadability for Deterministic Population Models
  • V Stochasticity in Complex Systems
  • Random Selection and the Neutral Theory—Sources of Stochasticity in Replication
  • The Dynamics of Catalytic Hypercycles—A Stochastic Simulation
  • Perturbation-Dependent Coexistence and Species Diversity in Ecosystems
  • Chance and Necessity in Urban Systems
  • Random Phenomena in Nonlinear Systems in Connection with the Volterra Approach
  • List of Contributors.