Nonlinear Waves in Active Media [E-Book] / edited by Professor Jüri Engelbrecht.
Engelbrecht, Professor Jüri, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1989
X, 275 p. 7 illus. online resource.
Research Reports in Physics
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Table of Contents:
  • I General Problems
  • Nonlinear Waves in Active Media: An Introduction
  • A Variable Coefficient Version of Zakharov and Shabat’s Method: With Applications to the Integration of Variable Coefficient Nonlinear Equations and to Perturbed Soliton Equations
  • Evolution Equations Compatible with Quasilinear Hyperbolic Models Involving Source-Like Terms
  • Steady Waves in Active Birelaxating Media
  • Asymmetric Solitary Waves in Active Media
  • Kinematical Theory of Autowave Patterns in Excitable Media
  • Dynamics of Spiral Waves in Nonequilibrium Media
  • The Formation of Structures in Gravitationally Unstable Media
  • Stability of Cellular Wave Structures in Oscillatory Pattern-Forming Systems near Onset
  • II Mechanics
  • Group Theory for the Domino Effect
  • Wave Motion of Elongated Elastic Bodies Subjected to Nonlinear Flutter
  • Instabilities and Waves in Heterogeneous Systems
  • Energy Exchange Between Nonlinear Waves in Elastic Waveguides and External Media
  • III Hydrodynamics and Related Topics
  • Instability and Turbulence
  • Autowaves of Turbulence in Hydrodynamics
  • Amplification of Nonlinear Waves in the Medium with Temporal Fluctuations
  • Laser Stimulated Instabilities of Waves in a Subsurface Layer of a Liquid
  • Regular and Chaotic Dynamics of Coherently Pumped 3-Level Lasers
  • Simulation of Transient Waves in Active Magnetoelastic Solids
  • Duffing-like Behavior in Extended Turbulence Mode Models
  • Nonlinear Microscopic Model for Heterogeneous Medium with Discrete Sources
  • IV Biological Systems
  • A Parameter Study of Focused Sound Fields in Active Media
  • Idiosyncracies of Cardiac Tissue as an Excitable Medium
  • Active Media with Discrete Sources and “Jumping Waves”
  • The Continuum Approach as Applied to Wave Phenomena in Physiological Systems
  • Spatio-temporal Complexity in Biological Systems
  • V Combustion, Shocks and Related Problems
  • Structure of Unstable Gas Detonation Front
  • Observations on the Nature of Reaction Runaway in Reaction-Diffusion Systems
  • The Interaction of High Frequency Low Amplitude Acoustic Waves with Premixed Flames
  • Reaction-Diffusion Waves in a Simple Isothermal Chemical System
  • Amplification of Shock Waves in Nonequilibrium Gas-Liquid Systems
  • Nonlinear Waves in a Reacting Mixture
  • Numerical Simulation of Condensation Waves in Gases
  • List of Participants
  • Index of Contributors.