Optimization in Structural Design [E-Book] : Symposium Warsaw/Poland August 21–24, 1973 / edited by Antoni Sawczuk, Zenon Mróz.
Mróz, Zenon, (editor)
Sawczuk, Antoni, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1975
XVI, 586 p. online resource.
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Table of Contents:
  • Welcome Address
  • Welcome Address
  • Session 1. Mathematical Methods
  • A Graph Problem of Structural Design
  • Applications of Optimal Control Theory to Structural Optimization: Analytical and Numerical Approach
  • Interactive and Automated Design of Ship Structures
  • On Variational Formulations for Structures Design Problems
  • Session 2. Mathematical Methods
  • Optimal Control of the Consolidation Process
  • On Singularities, Local Optima, and Formation of Stiffeners in Optimal Design of Plates
  • A Variational Formulation of the Optimal Plastic Design Problem with Linear and Convex Cost Function
  • Session 3. Mathematical Programming
  • Game Problems in the Theory of Optimal Design
  • Application of Dynamic Programming to Optimization of Structures
  • Session 4. Dynamics
  • Optimum Design of a Circular Shaft in Forward Precession
  • Optimal Design Criteria of Dynamically Loaded Elastic Structures
  • Optimal Design for Stability under Dissi-pative, Gyroscopic, or Circulator Loads
  • Session 5. Shape Optimisation
  • On the Optimum Shape of a Fillet in a Flat Bar with Restrictions
  • Optimal Design of Suspension Systems
  • On Conservatively Loaded Funicular Arches and their Optimal Design
  • Session 6. Shells
  • Optimal Design of Shells with Respect to Their Stability
  • On the Optimum Shapes of Some Axisym-metric Shells
  • Session 7. Panel Discussion “Experience with Optimal Design”
  • Session 8. Probabilistic Methods
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Research in Design under Uncertainty
  • Optimal Criteria in Probabilistic Structural Design
  • Session 9. Frameworks
  • Optimum Plastic Design of Unbraced Frameworks
  • Symmetric Plane Frameworks of Least Weight
  • Optimum Truss Design Using Approximating Functions
  • Session 10. Reinforced Structures
  • Optimal Force Transmission by Flexure — The Present State of Knowledge
  • Optimum Design of Fiber Reinforced Shells of Revolution
  • Optimal Design of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys
  • Session 11. Shakedown Design
  • On Optimum Shakedown Design
  • Limit Design of Frames for Movable Loads by Linear Programming
  • Optimal Design for Cyclic Loading
  • Session 12. Mathematical Methods
  • Optimality in the Presence of Discreteness and Discontinuity
  • On Optimization Theory in Mechanics of Solids
  • A Variational Principle, the Finite Element Method, and Optimal Structural Design for Given Deflection
  • Session 13. Plastic Structures
  • Effect of Shear Forces on Optimal Design of Plastic Beams and Plates
  • The Minimum Weight Design of Multi-Story Building Frames Based upon the Axial Force-Bending Moment Interaction Yield Condition
  • Post-Yield Behaviour of Optimal Plastic Structures
  • Session 14. Plastic Structures
  • Shape Optimization of Plastic Structures by Zero-One Programming
  • On Optimal Design of Strainhardening Structures
  • Session 15. Short Communications
  • Some Practical Applications of Structural Optimization
  • On Formulation of Optimization Problems in Structural Design
  • On Introducing a Concentrated Tangential Force into a Shell
  • Optimal Design of Plates Loaded by Two Opposite Sets of Loads.