Laser Physics at the Limits [E-Book] / edited by Hartmut Figger, Claus Zimmermann, Dieter Meschede.
Figger, Hartmut, (editor)
Meschede, Dieter, (editor) / Zimmermann, Claus, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2002
XXXIV, 522 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Application of Atomic Clocks
  • Achievements in Optical Frequency Metrology
  • Towards an Optical Hydrogen Clock
  • Methane Frequency Standard for Precision Measurements
  • The Parametric Frequency-Interval Divider
  • External Laser Stabilization
  • Miniaturized Laser Magnetometers and Clocks
  • High-Noise, Low-Resolution Spectroscopy
  • Two-Photon Spectroscopy of Hydrogen
  • Precision Spectroscopy on the Lyman-? Transitions of H and He
  • Towards Laser Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen
  • Ramseyfication of the Resonant Nonlinear Faraday Effect
  • Sensitive Detection Techniques of Laser Overtone Spectroscopy
  • Multiple-Beam Atom Interferometry: An Overview
  • Pursuing Fundamental Physics with Novel Laser Technology
  • Precision Optical Measurements and Fundamental Constants
  • Quantum Electrodynamics and All That
  • Lasers to Test Fundamental Physics in Space
  • Measuring the Birefringence of the QED Vacuum
  • Observing Mechanical Dissipation in Quantum Vacuum: An Experimental Challenge
  • Precision in Length
  • Probing an Optical Field with Atomic Resolution
  • From Spectral Relaxation to Quantified Decoherence
  • Laser Cooling of Trapped Ions
  • Conditional Spin Resonance with Trapped Ions
  • From Diode Laser to Atom Laser
  • Optical Components for a Robust Bose—Einstein Condensation Experiment
  • From Atoms to Single Biomolecules Through Bose—Einstein Condensates: Un Saluto da Firenze per Theodor
  • Cavity Cooling with a Hot Cavity
  • Zeeman-Tuned Slowing: Surfing the Resonance Wave
  • A New Approach for Laser Cooling of Calcium
  • The Design of Enhancement Cavities for Second Harmonic Generation
  • Raman Technique for Femtosecond Pulse Generation
  • High-Order Harmonics and White Light: Looking for Fringes and Finding Much More
  • MeV Electrons and Positrons from a Femtosecond Table-Top Laser System
  • Small Molecules in Intense Laser Fields — Dissociation and Stabilization
  • Linear and Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy of Gases
  • Nonlinear Properties of Laser-Generated Giant Surface Acoustic Wave Pulses in Solid Materials
  • Radiative Control and Quantum Engineering: Single Atom Wants to Meet Single Photon
  • Optical Lattices as a Playground for Studying Multiparticle Entanglement
  • Efficient Generation of Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs with a Laser Diode Source
  • Small is Beautiful
  • Atomic Looping
  • A Toroidal Magnetic Guide for Neutral Atoms
  • Si29 Nanoparticles: A New Form of Silicon
  • Molecular Self-Assembly.