Electron Microbeam Analysis [E-Book] / edited by Abraham Boekestein, Miodrag K. Pavićević.
Boekestein, Abraham, (editor)
Pavićević, Miodrag K., (editor)
Vienna : Springer, 1992
IX, 278 p. 35 illus. online resource.
Mikrochimica Acta ; 12
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Table of Contents:
  • EPMA - A Versatile Technique for the Characterization of Thin Films and Layered Structures.
  • Quantitative EPMA of the Ultra-Light Elements Boron Through Oxygen.
  • Auger Microscopy and Electron Probe Microanalysis.
  • Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis of Ultra-Thin Resin-Embedded Biological Samples.
  • Analytical and High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Studies at Metal/Ceramic Interfaces.
  • Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis of Multi-layer Structures.
  • Comparison of ? (?z) Curve Models in EPMA.
  • Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis: New Accurate ? (?z) Description.
  • A Modular Universal Correction Procedure for Quantitative EPMA.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of Backscattered and Secondary Electron Profiles.
  • An Electron Scattering Model Applied to the Determination of Film Thicknesses Using Electron Probe Microanalysis.
  • Calculation of Depth Distribution Functions for Characteristic and for Continuous Radiation.
  • A Method for In-Situ Calibration of Semiconductor Detectors.
  • Background Anomalies in Electron Probe Microanalysis Caused by Total Reflection.
  • Automatic Analysis of Soft X-Ray Emission Spectra Obtained by EPMA.
  • The Scanning Very-Low-Energy Electron Microscopy (SVLEEM).
  • To the Backscattering Contrast in Scanning Auger Microscopy.
  • Design Consideration Regarding the Use of an Accelerator on Mass Spectrometer in Ion Microanalysis.
  • Accurate Estimation of Uncertainties in Quantitative Electron Energy- Loss Spectrometry.
  • An EELS System for a TEM/STEM-Performance and Its Use in Materials Science.
  • Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis of Bio-Organic Bulk Specimens.
  • Quantitative Analysis of (Y2O3)x (ZrO2)1-x Films on Silicon by EPMA.
  • EPMA of Surface Oxide Films.
  • Non-Destructive Determination of Ion-Implanted Impurity Distribution in Silicon by EPMA.
  • An Electron Spectroscopy Study of a-SiNx Films.
  • Electron Probe Microanalysis of Glass Fiber Optics.
  • Quantitative Microanalysis of Low Concentrations of Carbon In Steels.
  • Electron Configuration of the Valence-Conduction Band of the Mineral Wustite.
  • Structural Analysis of Silver Halide Cubic Microcrystals with Epitaxial or Conversion Growths by STEM-EDX.
  • Characterization of the Bony Matrix of the Otic Capsule in Human Fetuses by EPMA.
  • Overview.