Paleomagnetic Rotations and Continental Deformation [E-Book] / edited by Catherine Kissel, Carlo Laj.
Kissel, Catherine, (editor)
Laj, Carlo, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1989
530 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 254
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Table of Contents:
  • Block Rotations in Continental Crust: Examples from Western North America
  • The Kinematics and Dynamics of Distributed Deformation
  • Relations between Seismicity and Paleomagnetic Rotations in Zones of Distributed Continental Deformation
  • The Detection of Rotations by Surveying Techniques
  • Geodetic Measurements Of Continental Deformations: Projects and First Results
  • Continental Rotational Deformation: Examples from Greece
  • Cenozoic Magmatism, Deep Tectonics, and Crustal Deformation in the Aegean Sea
  • A Pattern of Block Rotations in Central Aegea
  • Late Cenozoic Rotatons along the North Aegean Trough Fault Zone (Greece); Structural Constraints
  • Some Experiments on Block Rotation in the Brittle Upper Crust
  • Large Rates of Rotation in Continental Lithosphere. Undergoing Distributed Deformation
  • Strain and Displacement in the Brittle Field
  • Regional Deformation by Block Translation and Rotation
  • Mechanics of Distributed Fault and Block Rotation
  • Crustal Rotation and Fault Slip in the Continental Transform Zone in Southern California
  • Evidence for Contemporary Block Rotation in Strike-Slip Environments: Examples from the San Andreas Fault System, Southern California
  • The Importance of Magnetostratigraphy for Studies of Tectonic Rotations: Examples from the Mio-Pliocene of California
  • The Application of Palaeomagnetism to Extensional Tectonics: A Palaeomagnetic Study of the Parker District, Basin and Range Province, Arizona.
  • Mechanisms of Cenozoic Tectonic Rotation, Pacific Northwest Convergent Margin, U.S.A.
  • Rotation of Central and Southern Alaska in the Early Tertiary: Oroclinal Bending By Megakinking?
  • Paleogeography and Rotations of Arctic Alaska - An Unresolved Problem
  • Palaeomagnetic Estimates of Rotations in Compressional Regimes and Potential Discrimination Between Thin-Skinned and Deep Crustal Deformation.
  • Palaeomagnetic Evidence for Block Rotations and Distributed Deformation of the Iberian-African Plate Boundary
  • Fault Block Rotations in Ophiolites: Results of Palaeomagnetic Studies in the Troodos Complex, Cyprus.
  • Paleomagnetism in SE Asia: Sinistral Shear Between Philippine Sea Plate and Asia.
  • Palaeomagnetic Constraints on the Early History of the Møre- Trøndelag Fault Zone, Central Norway
  • Paleomagnetically Observed Rotations along the Hikurangi Margin of New Zealand
  • Rotations about Vertical Axes in Part of the New Zealand Plate- Boundary Zone, Theory and Observation
  • Paleomagnetic Rotations in the Coastal Areas of Ecuador and Northern Peru
  • List of Participants.