Upper Main Sequence Stars with Anomalous Abundances [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 90th Colloquium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Crimea, U.S.S.R., May 13–19, 1985 / edited by C. R. Cowley, M. M. Dworetsky, C. Mégessier.
Cowley, C. R., (editor)
Dworetsky, M. M., (editor) / Mégessier, C., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1986
XIV, 490 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, A Series of Books on the Recent Developments of Space Science and of General Geophysics and Astrophysics Published in Connection with the Journal Space Science Reviews ; 125
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Table of Contents:
  • Section I — Theoretical Considerations
  • The Origin and Structure of the Magnetic Fields of the Chemically Peculiar Stars [Invited Review]
  • Origin of the Magnetic Field [Invited Review]
  • On the Spottedness, Magnetism and Internal Structure of Stars
  • Investigations of the Magnetic Fields of Chemically Peculiar Stars of Different Age
  • The Magnetic Field and Other Parameters of the Chemically Peculiar Stars
  • On the Perturbation Technique for the Influence of Magnetic Field on Stellar Oscillations
  • On the Magnetic Field of ? CrB
  • Estimation of Stellar Surface Magnetic Fields by the Curve-of -Growth Method:
  • Discussion
  • Does ? Cep Indicate a Non-axisymmetric Dynamo?
  • Model Atmospheres and Radiative Transfer in Chemically Peculiar Stars: Interpretational Significance of Non-LTE [Invited Review]
  • Discussion: Hubený
  • Influence of the Magnetic Field on the Polarization of Radiation Scattered by Electrons in Stellar Atmospheres and Envelopes
  • A Determination of Magnetic Fields of T Tau and Ae/Be Herbig Stars Using the Parameters of their Linear Polarization
  • Practical Problems in the Analysis of CP Stars [Invited Review]
  • Missing Levels and Lines of Astrophysical Importance:
  • Combined Discussion: Cowley and Johansson — Johansson and Cowley
  • Characteristic Absorption Features in the Spectra of Ap -Si Stars Between 1250 and 1850 ft Å
  • Space Observations of Chemically Peculiar and Related Normal Stars [Invited Review] :
  • Combined Discussion: Artru and Lanz — Leckrone
  • Study of Inhomogeneities on the Surface of Magnetic CP Stars [Invited Review]
  • Khokhlova
  • Inverse Problems in Astrophysics
  • The Distribution of Fe, Cr, and Si over the Surface of ? Aur
  • Application of Deutsch’s Method for 53 Cam
  • The Nonhomogeneous Distribution of Abundances and the Magnetic Field Measurements in CP Stars
  • Section II — Systematics, Photometry
  • Systematics of CP Stars [Invited Review]
  • Spectroscopy of CP Stars in the Groups of Different Age:
  • Combined Discussion: Hensberge and Van Rensbergen — Klochkova and Kopylov
  • Rotation, Variability and Age of Ap Stars
  • Light Curve Analysis of Rotating Variable Stars:
  • A Search for Long-Term Photometric Variability in CP2-Stars:
  • The Nature of Balmer Line Variability in Chemically Peculiar Stars:
  • The Variability of the ?5200 Feature in CP2 Stars
  • Short Time Light Variations of Ap-Stars
  • CP-Stars in the Near Infrared: Normal
  • H? and OI Photometry of Upper Main Sequence Stars with Anomalous Abundances
  • A Photometric Investigation of the Magnetic Star 53 Camelopardalis
  • Spectrophotometry of the Broad Continuum Features in Magnetic Ap Stars
  • On the Duplicity of CP3 Stars
  • Investigations of CP and Normal Stars With Coadded Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Spectrograms
  • Rapid Oscillations of CP2-Stars [Invited Review]
  • Discussion: Weiss
  • Computed Spectral Line Variations for Oblique Nonradial Pulsators
  • Short-Periodic Radial Velocity Variations of the B9p Star ET And
  • Frequency Analysis of the Rapidly Oscillating Ap Star HD 60435
  • Investigations of the Magnetic Star 53 Cam Variations Using the Spectra of High Time Resolution
  • HD 24975: A New Delta Scuti Star? (or a Mild Ap Star with Short Photometric Variations?)
  • Section III — Magnetic CP Stars
  • Hot Magnetic Stars: Abundances, Spectroscopy, Photometry, Systematics [Invited Review]
  • On the Ultraviolet Photometric Variability of the Helium-Weak B Stars (from ANS Data)
  • Intermediate Peculiar Stars: The Bp-ApSiStars [Invited Review):
  • Combined Discussion: Želwanowa and Schöneich — Mégessier
  • Blanketing Hypothesis and Light Variations of HD 27309
  • A Spectroscopic Study of the Bp-Star ? Aur
  • The Ultraviolet Spectral Energy Distribution of the Magnetic Ap Star HD 170000 Inside and Outside of the Spots
  • Cool Magnetic CP Stars [Invited Review]
  • Discussion: Adelman and Cowley
  • Abundance Analysis of Three Ap Stars: HD 2453, HD 8441, and HD 192913
  • Absorption Lines of Ca II and H in the Near IR Region of the Magnetic Star HD 152107
  • A Search for Heavy Elements in the Ultraviolet Spectra of Ap Stars
  • The Investigations of Variations in the Depression >.4200, A5200 of the Magnetic Stars 53 Cam and Beta CrB.:
  • Discussion
  • The Age of ? UMa
  • Line Spectrum Variations in the Ap Star HD 51418
  • ? CrB — a Rosetta Stone?
  • Some Structural Features of Magnetic Fields of the Chemically Peculiar Stars ? CrB and ?2 CVn
  • ? Lyrae — A Binary System with Anomalous Abundances and Magnetic Field
  • Section IV — Non-Magnetic CP and Related Stars
  • Spectroscopic Analyses of Hot Main Sequence Stars [Invited Review]
  • Diffusion Processes and Chemical Peculiarities in Magnetic Stars [Invited Review]:
  • Combined Discussion: Sadakane — Alecian
  • Chemical and Temperature Inhomogeneities on Stellar Surfaces as a Result of an Instability
  • Non-Magnetic Intermediate-Temperature Stars: A Review [Invited Review]
  • Discussion: Dworetsky
  • The Abundance of Gallium in B-type Chemically Peculiar Stars
  • Gallium Overabundance in the Ap-Si Star HD 25823
  • The Most Iron-Deficient Manganese Star HR 562
  • The Light and Spectrum Variable CP2 Star HR 6127
  • The Analysis of Chemical Composition of Am Star Atmospheres [Invited Review]
  • Discussion: Boyarchuk and Savanov
  • Lithium in Am and ? Del Stars
  • The Li I 6708 Feature in CP Stars
  • The Metallic-Lined Star 32 Aquarii
  • Particle Transport in Non-Magnetic Stars [Invited Review]
  • The Planetoid-Impact Hypothesis of CP, F, A, and B Star Formation: Possibilities and Perspectives:
  • Combined Discussion: Michaud — Drobyshevski
  • General Index.