The Big Bang and Georges Lemaître [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Symposium in honour of G. Lemaître fifty years after his initiation of Big-Bang Cosmology, Louvain-Ia-Neuve, Belgium, 10–13 October 1983 / edited by A. Berger.
Berger, A., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1984
XXII, 420 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • I Cosmology
  • Physical and cosmological interactions
  • Impact of Lemaitre’s ideas on modern cosmology
  • Massive neutrinos and photinos in cosmology and galactic astronomy
  • The primordial nucleosynthesis
  • A generalization of the Lemattre models
  • Is the universe homogeneous on a large scale?
  • Vacuum inhomogeneous cosmological models
  • The significance of Newtonian cosmology
  • Numerical simulation of evolution of a multi-dimensional Higgs field in the new inflationary scenario
  • Primordial nucleosynthesis and nuclear reaction rates uncertainties
  • Time and singularity
  • Quasar energy from frozen fusion via massive neutrinos?
  • Estimation of galactic masses using the zero energy-momentum cosmological principle
  • II - Celestial Mechanics
  • Dynamics of orbiting dust under radiation pressure
  • Non gravitational forces in the evolution of the solar system
  • Generalizations of the restricted problem of three bodies
  • Secular perturbations of asteroids with commensurable mean motions
  • A mechanism of depletion for the Kirkwood’s gaps
  • On the stability of the solar system as hierarchical dynamical system
  • A relativistic approach to the Kepler problem
  • The three-body problem in stellar dynamics
  • The critical periodic orbits in the Störmer problem
  • A multimode investigation of granular and supergranular motions I: Boussinesq model
  • III - Structure of the Universe and Cosmic Rays
  • Galaxy formation revisited
  • Clusters and superclusters
  • Cosmic ray sources and confinement in the galaxy
  • Strong evidence for metagalactic shock waves at redshifts z?2–3
  • Algebraic programming in general relativity and cosmology
  • Finite euclidean and non-euclidean geometry with applications to the finite pendulum and the polygonal harmonic motion. A first step to finite cosmology
  • IV - Georges Lemaitre: The Man and His Work
  • Monsignor Georges Lemaitre
  • The Scientific Work of Georges Lemaitre
  • Bibliography of Georges Lemaitre
  • Author Index.