Quantum Geometry [E-Book] : A Framework for Quantum General Relativity / by Eduard Prugovečki.
Prugovečki, Eduard, (author)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1992
XIV, 530 p. online resource.
Fundamental Theories of Physics ; 48
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Table of Contents:
  • Principles and Physical Interpretation of Quantum Geometries
  • The Fibre Bundle Framework for Classical General Relativity
  • Stochastic Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space
  • Nonrelativistic Newton-Cartan Quantum Geometries
  • Relativistic Klein-Gordon Quantum Geometries
  • Relativistic Dirac Quantum Geometries
  • Relativistic Quantum Geometries for Spin-0 Massive Fields
  • Relativistic Quantum Geometries for Spin-1/2 Massive Fields
  • Quantum Geometries for Electromagnetic Fields
  • Classical and Quantum Geometries for Yang-Mills Fields
  • Geometro-Stochastic Quantum Gravity
  • Historical and Epistemological Perspectives on Developments in Relativity and Quantum Theory.