Principles of brain dynamics : global state interactions [E-Book] / edited by Mikhail I. Rabinovich, Karl J. Friston, and Pablo Varona.
Rabinovich, M. I.
Friston, K. J. / Varona, Pablo
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2012
vi, 344 pages : illustrations, ports.
Computational neuroscience
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Table of Contents:
  • The dynamical and structural basis of brain activity / Gustavo Deco, Viktor Jirsa, and Karl J. Friston
  • Functional connectivity, neurocognitive networks, and brain dynamics / Vinod Menon
  • Decoding mental states from patterns of brain activity / John-Dylan Haynes
  • Transient brain dynamics / Mikhail Rabinovich and Pablo Varona
  • A dynamic field account to language-related brain potentials / Peter Beim Graben and Roland Potthast
  • Recognition of sequences of sequences using nonlinear dynamical systems / Stefan J. Kiebel and Karl J. Friston
  • The stability of information flows in the brain / Mikhail Rabinovich, Christian Bick, and Pablo Varona
  • Multiae scale EEG dynamics and brain functions / Maxim Bazhenov and Scott Makeig
  • Mapping the multi-scale information content of complex brain signals / Vasily A. Vakorin and Randy McIntosh
  • Connectivity and dynamics of neural information processing / Viktor Jirsa ... [et al.]
  • Transient motor behavior and synchronization in the cortex / Andreas Daffertshofer and Bernadette C.M. van Wijk
  • Free-energy and global dynamics / Karl J. Friston
  • Perception, action, and utility : the tangled skein / Samuel Gershman and Nathaniel Daw
  • Short guide to modern nonlinear dynamics / Valentin Afraimovich, Mikhail Rabinovich, and Pablo Varona.