Statistical Meso-Mechanics of Damage and Failure: How Microdamage Induces Disaster [E-Book] : Series Publication of Multiscale Mechanics / by Yilong Bai, Mengfen Xia, Fujiu Ke.
Bai, Yilong, (author)
Ke, Fujiu, (author) / Xia, Mengfen, (author)
1st edition 2019.
Singapore : Springer, 2019
XIV, 497 pages 244 illustrations, 143 illustrations in color (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction:Damage and failure of heterogeneous media: basic features and common characteristics.-Framework of statistical meso-mechanics: why and how statistical meso-mechanics is
  • Mathematical essentials in statistical meso-mechanics
  • Part A Quasi-statically Statistical Evolution of Deformation and Damage in Media with Mesoscopic Heterogeneities:Coupled average (CA)
  • Elastic and statistically-brittle (ESB) constitutive model,Global mean field (GMF) approximation
  • Continuous bifurcation and localization of deformation,Regional mean field (RMF) approximation
  • Size effect
  • Experimental issues related to statistical meso-mechanics
  • Numerical issues related to heterogeneous meso-elements
  • Application to failure wave (one-dimensional strain state)
  • Application to metal foams
  • Application to concrete under bi-axial compression
  • Part B Time-Dependent Processes of Micro-damage Population: Background and methodology
  • Fundamental equation of microdamage evolution
  • General solution to evolution of microdamage number density
  • Closed formulation of continuum damage based on microdamage evolution
  • Deborah number and its significance in the evolution of microdamage
  • Spallation - tensile failure resulting from microcracks under stress waves
  • Short fatigue cracks
  • More cases of time-dependent processes related to microdamage
  • Brief summary of Part B
  • Part C Critical Catastrophe: Evolution induced catastrophe (EIC)
  • Energy transfer and catastrophe considering damage localization
  • Sample specificity and Trans-scale Sensitivity
  • Critical Sensitivity and power-law singularity of catastrophe
  • Great earthquake: the catastrophic rupture in Earth's Crust
  • Perspective. .