An environmental history of the Middle Ages : the crucible of nature [E-Book] / John Aberth.
Aberth, John
London ; Routledge, 2013
xvi, 326 pages, illustrations
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Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Air, Water, Earth
  • In the Beginning ...
  • Worshipping the Elements
  • The Medieval Warm Period
  • Harnessing the Elements
  • Collaboration, or Exploitation?
  • The Little Ice Age
  • Earth, Wind, and Death
  • Environmental Causes of the Plague
  • Man-Made Pollution of the Environment
  • The Poison Thesis
  • Weather Magic
  • Part II. Forest
  • Pre-Christian Tree Cults
  • Surviving Wildwood at the Start of the Middle Ages
  • The Early Medieval Woodland
  • An Era of Great Clearances?
  • A Brief History of the Royal Forest of England
  • The Evidence of the Eyre Rolls
  • Managing the King's Woods
  • Disafforestment and the Rise of Private Woodland
  • The Management of Woods Elsewhere
  • Shaping the Idea of Wilderness
  • A Renaissance in Regrowth of the Forest?
  • Part III. Beast
  • Animals on the Farm : The Early Middle Ages
  • Animals on the Farm : The High and Late Middle Ages
  • Animals as Pets and Companions
  • Animals of the Hunt : Origins of Medieval Hunting
  • Animals of the Hunt : Deer and Other Game
  • Animals of the Hunt : Romance vs. Reality
  • Animals of the Hunt : Falconry and Fishing
  • Animals and Disease
  • Animals on Trial
  • Animals in the Bed
  • Animals and Magic
  • Afterword.