Survey telescope optics [E-Book] / author: Valery Yu. Terebizh
Terebizh, Valery Yu, (author)
Bellingham, Washington : SPIE, 2019
1 online resource (xii, 180 pages)
SPIE Press monograph ; PM311
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Table of Contents:
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction: 1.1. Preliminary definitions; 1.2. Cursory review of modern wide-field telescopes; 1.3. Some attendant issues of optics; 1.4. Matching of optics and detector with atmospheric image quality
  • 2. Reflective telescopes: 2.1. Single paraboloid; 2.2. Two-mirror systems; 2.3. Selected three-mirror telescopes
  • 3. Catadioptric systems with a lens corrector in converging beam: 3.1. Lens corrector at a prime telescope focus; 3.2. Lens corrector in a secondary telescope focus; 3.3. Three-mirror paul telescope with a lens corrector
  • 4. Catadioptric systems with a full-aperture lens corrector: 4.1. Singlet full-aperture corrector; 4.2. Doublet full-aperture corrector; 4.3. Triplet full-aperture corrector; 4.4. All-spherical system with an extremely large field
  • Afterword
  • Appendices: A. Limiting stellar magnitude and sky survey rate; B. Schwarzschild aplanats; C. The complexity of optical surfaces; D. Base prime-focus lens corrector with a 2.5° field; E. List of referenced VT designs; F. New algorithm for calculating anastigmatic three-mirror telescopes
  • Bibliography
  • Index