Advanced Functional Materials from Nanopolysaccharides [E-Book] / edited by Ning Lin, Juntao Tang, Alain Dufresne, Michael K.C. Tam.
Dufresne, Alain, (editor)
Lin, Ning, (editor) / Tam, Michael K.C, (editor) / Tang, Juntao, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Singapore : Springer, 2019
XXV, 414 pages 133 illustrations, 119 illustrations in color (online resource)
Springer Series in Biomaterials Science and Engineering ; 15
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword (Plan to invite Dr. Akira Isogai from University of Tokyo at Japan)
  • Preface
  • Preparation and properties of nanopolysaccharides family
  • Functional modifications on nanopolysaccharides
  • Nanopolysaccharides in tunable optical materials
  • Nanopolysaccharides in energy related applications
  • Nanopolysaccharides in biomedical applications
  • Nanopolysaccharides in emulsion stability
  • Nanopolysaccharides in environmental treatments
  • Nanopolysaccharides templates in synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and catalysis
  • Nanopolysaccharides in coating
  • Nanopolysaccharides in barrier composites
  • Nanopolysaccharides-based green additives
  • Nanopolysaccharides in high-value products
  • Concluding remarks and future perspectives.