Energy Security [E-Book] : Policy Challenges and Solutions for Resource Efficiency / edited by Nikolai Mouraviev, Anastasia Koulouri.
Koulouri, Anastasia, (editor)
Mouraviev, Nikolai, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2019
XVI, 278 pages 18 illustrations (online resource)
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri
  • Part One: Energy security: Trends and policy challenges
  • Chapter 1:Energy security through the lens of renewable energy sources and resource efficiency -Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri
  • Chapter 2: Increasing utilisation of renewable energy sources: Comparative analysis of scenariosuntil 2050- Marat Karatayev
  • Chapter 3: Enabling green energy production: Implementing policy by using public-private collaboration -Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri
  • Chapter 4: Challenges to energy security in Australia: The electricity sector governance and theneed for a change- Carl Tidemann
  • Chapter 5:Ukraine's energy security in the new geopolitical context - Inna Kostrytska
  • Part Two: Solutions for resource efficiency: Case studies
  • Chapter 6: Resource efficiency in the EU: Major initiatives and challenges - Umut Turksen
  • Chapter 7: The success of the south west of the UK in renewable energy generation: Benefits, challenges and the implications for other regions- Alison Ashby
  • Chapter 8: Local government programmes for energy efficient solutions: Procurement options and governance challenges- Mihaela Grubišić Šeba
  • Chapter 9: Renewable energy programme in Brazil: Biodiesel production by family farmers - Gaudencio Freires
  • Conclusion: Renewable energy and resource efficiency: Lessons learned and outlook - Nikolai Mouraviev and Anastasia Koulouri.