Business Information Systems Workshops [E-Book] : BIS 2018 International Workshops, Berlin, Germany, July 18-20, 2018, Revised Papers / edited by Witold Abramowicz, Adrian Paschke.
Abramowicz, Witold, (editor)
Paschke, Adrian, (editor)
1st edition 2019
Cham : Springer, 2019
XII, 708 pages 238 illustrations, 119 illustrations in color (online resource)
Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing ; 339
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Table of Contents:
  • Keynote Speech
  • Business information systems for the cost/energy management of water distribution networks: a critical appraisal of alternative optimization strategies
  • AKTB Workshop
  • Enhancing clinical decision support through information processing capabilities and strategic IT alignment
  • Ontology-Based Fragmented Company Knowledge Integration: Possible Approaches
  • Enhancing Teamwork Behavior of Services
  • Business Rule Optimisation: Problem Definition, Proof-of-Concept and Application Areas
  • Profiling User Colour Preferences with BFI-44 Personality Traits
  • The benefits of modeling software-related exceptional paths of business processes
  • Process Mining of Periodic Rating Scale Survey Data using Analytic Hierarchy Process
  • BITA Workshop
  • Determinants to Benefit from Enterprise Architecture Management - A Research Model
  • Business and Information Technology Alignment Measurement - a recent Literature Review
  • Using Business Process Modelling to Improve Student Recruitment in UK Higher Education
  • Stakeholder-Oriented and Enterprise Architecture Driven Cloud Service Selection
  • Business-IT alignment improvement in co-creation value networks: design of a reference model-based support
  • Ontology Development Strategies in Industrial Contexts
  • BSCT Workshop
  • Blockchain Backed DNSSEC
  • The Proposal of a Blockchain-based Architecture for Transparent Certificate Handling
  • Blockchain-based Distributed Marketplace
  • BlockChain based certificate verification platform
  • Blockchain-Based Management of Shared Energy Assets Using a Smart Contract Ecosystem
  • Research of Ethereum Mining Hash Rate Dependency on GPU Hardware Settings
  • Practical deployability of Permissioned Blockchains
  • Decentralized Energy Networks based on Blockchain: Background, Overview and Concept Discussion
  • Enabling Data Markets using Smart Contracts and Multi-Party Computation
  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Extensions for Smart-Contract Design Patterns
  • A Multichain Architecture for Distributed Supply Chain Design in Industry 4.0
  • Invisible BlockChain and Plasticity of Money - Adam Smith Meets Darwin to Buy Crypto Currency
  • Blockchain-based internet voting: systems' compliance with international standards
  • Chaining Property to Blocks - On the Economic Efficiency of Blockchain-Based Property Enforcement
  • On The Future Of Markets Driven by Blockchain
  • Smart Contract-Based Role Management on the Blockchain
  • Industrial Socio-Cyberphysical System's Consumables Tokenization for Smart Contracts in Blockchain
  • SmartExchange: Decentralised Trustless Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • A Public, Blockchain-Based Distributed Smart-Contract Platform Enabling Mobile Lite Wallets Using a Proof-of-Stake Consensus Algorithm
  • Risk Engineering and Blockchain: Anticipating and Mitigating Risks
  • IDEA Workshop
  • IT infrastructure capability and health information exchange: The moderating role of electronic medical records' reach
  • The IT department as a service broker: a qualitative research
  • Foster strategic Orientation in the Digital Age
  • TEA - A Technology Evaluation and Adoption Influence Framework for small and medium sized enterprises
  • IDEATE Workshop
  • Prescriptive Analytics: A Survey of Approaches and Methods
  • Challenges from data-driven predictive maintenance in brownfield industrial settings
  • Big Data Is Power Business Value From a Process Oriented Analytics Capability
  • Scibo Water Workshop
  • A multiple-layer clustering method for real-time decision support in a water distribution system
  • Automated updating of land cover maps used in hydrological modeling
  • High-performance computing applied in project UBEST
  • A Comparative Study on Decision Support Approaches under Uncertainty
  • Plastic Grabber: Underwater Autonomous Vehicle Simulation for Plastic Objects Retrieval Using Genetic Programming
  • Adaptation of irrigation systems to current climate changes
  • QOD Workshop
  • ADEQUATe: A Community-driven Approach to Improve Open Data Quality
  • Situation-dependent data quality analysis for geospatial data using Semantic technologies
  • Indicating Studies' Quality based on Open Data in Digital Libraries
  • Syntactical Heuristics for the Open Data Quality Assessment and their applications
  • Access Control and Quality Attributes of Open Data: Applications and Techniques
  • Doctoral Consortium
  • Measures for Quality Assessment of Articles and Infoboxes in Multilingual Wikipedia
  • Supply chain modelling using Data Science
  • Behavioral biometrics in mobile banking and payment applications
  • Modelling of Risk and Reliability of Maritime Transport Services
  • Mixed Methods approach as requirements analysis of a method for process harmonization in Design Science Research
  • Predicting Customer Churn in Electronic Banking
  • Assessing Process Suitability for AI-based Automation. Research Idea and Design. .