Archaeoastronomy in the Roman World [E-Book] / edited by Giulio Magli, Antonio César González-García, Juan Belmonte Aviles, Elio Antonello.
Antonello, Elio, (editor)
Belmonte Aviles, Juan, (editor) / González-García, Antonio César, (editor) / Magli, Giulio, (editor)
1st edition 2019.
Cham : Springer, 2019
XXX, 205 pages 71 illustrations, 41 illustrations in color (online resource)
Historical & Cultural Astronomy
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Table of Contents:
  • Pernigotti: Contribution to the study of the orientation of Etruscan temples
  • Bagnasco, Pernigotti: Materials for the study of an Etruscan cosmology: the case of the Tumulus of the Broomsat Cerveteri
  • DeSantis: Orientation and planning of Roman Albingaunum (Albenga)
  • Hatz: How Roman is the layout of the colonial town of Augusta Raurica?
  • Gonzalez-Garcia, Rodriguez-Anton, Espinosa, Quintela, Belmonte: Establishing a New Order: Current Status on the Orientation of the Roman Towns Founded under Augustus
  • Rodriguez-Anton, Gonzalez-Garcia, Belmonte: The varatio and its possible use in the Roman urban planning to obtain astronomical orientations
  • Rosada: Ut ad orientem spectet
  • Polcaro, Scuderi, Burgio: The socalled Neo-Pythagorean Basilica of Porta Maggiore in Rome: the most mysterious Roman monument
  • Magli: The temple of Jupiter at Baalbek: astronomical and architectural analysis
  • Belmonte, Gonzalez-Garcia, Rodriguez-Anton: Arabia Adquisita: the Romanization of the Nabataean cultic calendar and the Tannur "Zodiac" paradigm
  • DeFranceschini, Veneziano: The symbolic use of light in hadrianic architecture and the "kiss of the sun"
  • Rossi, Magli: Wind, Sand and Water: the Orientation of the Late Roman Forts in the Kharga Oasis (Egyptian Western Desert)
  • Carnevale, Monaco: The Mausoleum of Santa Costanza in Rome: a survey of the light phenomenathrough the centuries
  • Incerti, Lavorati, Iurilli: relief, geometry, archaeoastronomy of the "Mausoleo di Teodorico" (Ravenna)
  • Spinazzé: Baptistery and font: an interpretation of the medieval baptistery's orientation in Friuli (Northeast Italy)
  • Frischer: Simpiricism comes to archaeoastronomy. The use of interactive 3d interfaces for exploratory research of astronomical of ancient Roman buildings
  • Hannah: The choreography of time in ancient and medieval buildings
  • Papamarinopoulos, Preka-Papadema, Gazeas, Nastos, Kiriakopoulos: Red droplets and Red clouds described in Iliad
  • Zotti, Schaukowitsch, Wimmer: Virtual Archaeoastronomy: The State of Stellarium for Research and Outreach.