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Characterization of the carbon erosion on the limiter of Tore Supra
Beauté, A.
Delchambre, E. / Corre, Y. / Carpentier, S. / Gun, J. / Brezinsek, S. / Escarguel, A. / Marandet, Y. / Monier-Garbet, P. / Tsitrone, E.
Plasmaphysik; IEK-4
Plasmaphysik; IEF-4
Journal of nuclear materials, 390-391 (2009) S. 65 - 67
Amsterdam [u.a.] Elsevier Science 2009
65 - 67
Journal Article
Journal of Nuclear Materials 390-391
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This paper focuses on chemical erosion characterisation at Tore Supra by visible spectral analysis of carbon and deuterium transitions at the toroidal pumped limiter - the main source of carbon. A new image-processing tool for visible imaging analysis allows to identify carbon sources on the limiter. Spectrally resolved data have been also obtained on the limiter in particular the observation of the CD band (Gero band), related to chemical erosion. Erosion yields have been assessed and chemical erosion represents roughly 30% of the total carbon erosion. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.