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Medial temporal lobe activation during autobiographical context memory retrieval of time and place and its dependency upon recency
Lux, S. (Corresponding Author)
Bindrich, V. N. / Markowitsch, H. J. / Fink, G. R.
Strukturelle und funktionelle Organisation des Gehirns; INM-1
Kognitive Neurowissenschaften; INM-3
Neurocase, 21 (2015) 1, S. 23-32
London [u.a.] Psychology Press 2015
Journal Article
Connectivity and Activity
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The contribution of the medial temporal lobe (MTL) to the retrieval of autobiographical memories is widely accepted. Results of former patient studies and functional imaging studies suggest different involvement of the MTL during the retrieval of autobiographical context information and the remoteness of these. Varying recency, the MTL contribution during chronological and locational autobiographical context information processing was investigated in this study. Thirteen males (mean = 25 years) judged the event’s place or time in a two-choice recognition task. Subjects made significantly more errors on chronological judgments. Retrieval of chronological information activated the left MTL, while retrieval of locational information activated the MTL bilaterally. Retrieval of more recent than remote context information activated especially the right MTL. Our results underline different MTL contributions on the retrieval of autobiographical context information, depending on the content and on the remoteness of the event that took place.