This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2013 

Probing the Structure of Methylalumoxane (MAO) by a Combined Chemical, Spectroscopic, Neutron Scattering, and Computational Approach
Ghiotto, Fabio (Corresponding author)
Pateraki, Chrysoula / Tanskanen, Jukka / Severn, John R. / Kusmin, André / Stellbrink, Jörg / Linnolahti, Mikko / Bochmann, Manfred / Lühmann, Nicole
Neutronenstreuung ; ICS-1
Analytik; ZEA-3
Neutronenstreuung ; Neutronenstreuung; JCNS-1
Organometallics, 32 (2013) 11, S. 3354 - 3362
Washington, DC ACS Publ. 2013
Journal Article
Soft Matter Composites
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