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First insights of the electrocatalytical properties of stepped silver electrodes for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Ruderman, A. (Corresponding author)
Juarez, M. F. / Avalle, L. B. / Beltramo, G. / Giesen, M. / Santos, E. (Corresponding Author)
Biomechanik; ICS-7
Electrochemistry communications, 34 (2013) S. 235 - 238
Amsterdam [u.a.] Elsevier Science 2013
Journal Article
Physics of the Cell
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The electrocatalytic properties of vicinal Ag(11n) surfaces for the hydrogen evolution reaction are investi-gated. An analysis of the reactivity as a function of the step density is performed. The rate constants forVolmer and Heyrovsky steps are evaluated from potentiostatic transients. A correlation between the anisot-ropy of hydrogen adsorption energy for different sites with the non-linear dependence on the step densityis established.