This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2014 

One-to-one relationship between effective connectivity and correlations in asynchronous networks
van Albada, Sacha (Corresponding Author)
Helias, Moritz / Diesmann, Markus
Theoretical Neuroscience; IAS-6
Computational and Systems Neuroscience; INM-6
Bernstein Conference, Göttingen (Germany), 2014-09-03 - 2014-09-05
Supercomputing and Modelling for the Human Brain
Helmholtz Young Investigators Group
The Human Brain Project
Brain-inspired multiscale computation in neuromorphic hybrid systems
Signalling Pathways and Mechanisms in the Nervous System
Theory, modelling and simulation
Helmholtz Alliance on Systems Biology
The Next-Generation Integrated Simulation of Living Matter
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