This title appears in the Scientific Report : 2003 

Luminescence of erbium-implanted dielectric films
Lu, F.
Carius, R. / Alam, A. / Heuken, M. / Rizzi, A. / Buchal, Ch.
Institut für Halbleiterschichten und Bauelemente; ISG-1
Institut für Photovoltaik; IPV
Thin solid films, 425 (2003) S. 171 - 174
Amsterdam [u.a.] Elsevier 2003
171 - 174
Journal Article
Materialien, Prozesse und Bauelemente für die Mikro- und Nanoelektronik
Thin Solid Films 425
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e report on the photoluminescence (PL) of erbium-implanted polycrystalline thin films of AlN. These films were grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition on Si substrates. The PL intensity of Er:AlN is compared to the PL of Er in GaN, Si3N4 and SiO2. The strongest PL is observed for Er:Si3N4 followed by Er:AlN, Er:GaN and Er:SiO2. It is suggested, that the intrinsic radiative lifetime of Er:S3N4 is the shortest amongst the investigated samples. Electroluminescent devices from all these systems were fabricated, but their performance was very sensitive to the material quality and defect structure of the thin films, impeding a direct comparison of the results. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.