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Influence of the amendment of corn straw on the degradation behaviour of the fungicide dithianon in soil
Wanner, U.
Führ, F. / Burauel, P.
Agrosphäre; ICG-IV
Environmental pollution, 133 (2005) 1, S. 63–70
Amsterdam [u.a.] Elsevier Science 2005
Journal Article
Pflanzenschutzmittel und andere organische Stoffe im System Boden/Wasser/Pflanzen/Luft
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
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Degradation studies were conducted with the fungicide (14)C-dithianon under standard conditions for 64 days in soil. The compound is characterized by mineralization losses of approx. 33% and the formation of non-extractable (bound) residues of approx. 63% in 64 days. The microbial activity of the soil was stimulated by an amendment of corn straw simulating post-harvest conditions. This addition of straw decreased the mineralization of the compound initially. At the end of the incubation period, however, the mineralization rate was higher in the straw amended soil compared to the control. The addition of straw increased the amount of radiocarbon in the desorption solutions. Thus higher amounts of incorporated radiocarbon could be found in the biomass of the amended soil. Model calculations show that the straw amendment has a sustained influence on the mineralization of the compound. Potential mechanisms of the effect of dissolved organic matter on the sorption/desorption equilibrium are discussed.