Fascination Astronomy [E-Book] : A cutting-edge introduction for all those interested in the natural sciences /
Table of Contents: ...1 Forces that determine the universe -- 2 The Big Bang - How it all began -- 3 The world of planets -- 4 Dwarf planets and small bodies -- 5 The mechanics of the sky -- 6 The sun - the star we live on -- 7 Stars - Formation, structure and development...

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Can Science Be Witty? [E-Book] : Science Communication Between Critique and Cabaret /
Table of Contents: ...: An almost incurable scientific epidemic.7 Scientists, magicians and charlatans - How magic creates knowledge.8 Searching for humour in the Deutsches Museum - An exploration.9 From Big Bang to Big Van.10 If a dalmatian comes to the cash desk.11 Derblecken bei...

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Galaxy Formation [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Perturbations in the Standard Big Bang -- More Tools and Problems -- Dark Matter and Galaxy Formation -- Correlation Functions and the Spectrum of the Initial Fluctuations -- The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation -- The Post-Recombination Era -- The Evolution...

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Molecular Storms [E-Book] : The Physics of Stars, Cells and the Origin of Life /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Random Patterns -- The Molecular Storm -- The Joy of Thermodynamics -- The Engines of Creation -- From Big Bang to Big Freeze -- How Chemistry Works -- Lively Molecules....

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A Brief History of Intelligence [E-Book] : From the Big Bang to the Metaverse /
Models of Time and Space from Astrophysics and World Cultures [E-Book] : The Foundations of Astrophysical Reality from Across the Centuries /
Table of Contents: .... The Discovery of the Big Bang -- Chapter 7. The Nature of Light -- chapter 8. Spacetime and Curved Space -- Chapter 9. Mapping Space to the Edge of the Observable Universe -- Chapter 10. Our Light Sphere and Horizon -- chapter 11. The Quantum World - Physics...

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Quantum Science [E-Book] : The Frontier of Physics and Chemistry /
Understanding the Origin of Matter [E-Book] : Perspectives in Quantum Chromodynamics /
Cosmic Origins [E-Book] : Science's Long Quest to Understand How Our Universe Began /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- The Expanding Universe -- The Discovery of the Big Bang -- Behind the Veil -- The Dark Universe -- The Age of Precision Cosmology....

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Supersymmetry and string theory : beyond the standard model [E-Book] /
On Generalised Statistical Equilibrium and Discrete Quantum Gravity [E-Book] /
The True Story of Modern Cosmology [E-Book] : Origins, Main Actors and Breakthroughs /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- What is a Scientific Theory? -- The First Cosmological Revolution of the 20th Century -- The Theory of General Relativity and Its Main Solutions -- The Hubble-Lemaître Law and the Universe Expansion -- The Big Bang Theory -- Towards...

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Particles in the Dark Universe [E-Book] : A Student's Guide to Particle Physics and Cosmology /
The Neutrino Story: One Tiny Particle's Grand Role in the Cosmos [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... now? -- 13 Neutrinos Oscillate and hence they weigh -- 14 What have we learnt about neutrinos from neutrino oscillation experiments? -- 15 Mendeleev's periodic table -- 16 A brief overview of the Big Bang Theory of the Universe -- 17 Inflationary universe...

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Fundamental Physics and Physics Education Research [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... For Certain Linear Pdes -- Bernabeu, José, Symetries And Their Breaking In The Fundamental Laws Of Physics -- Enders, Peter, Equat Causa Effectum -- Marro, Joaquín, Mind And Phase Transitions -- Siegel, Ethan, Before The Big Bang -- Michelini, Marisa, Innovation...

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The Singularity of Nature : A Convergence of Biology, Chemistry and Physics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Systematic Breakdown in Cell–Cell Communication -- A Holistic Perspective on Consciousness -- Cell Division Seen as the Symmetry Breaking of the Singularity/Big Bang -- Minding the Gap, or the Unicell Fills the Gap Between Proximate and Ultimate Causation...

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With String Theory to the Big Bang [E-Book] : A Journey to the Origin of the Universe /
Quantum Mechanics [E-Book] : Introduction to Mathematical Formulation /
Hubble, Humason and the Big Bang [E-Book] : The Race to Uncover the Expanding Universe /
The Universe Today [E-Book] : Our Current Understanding and How It Was Achieved  /