Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering [E-Book] : A Practical Guide to Essentials /
The Equids [E-Book] : A Suite of Splendid Species /
Digital Agriculture for Food Security and Sustainable Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex [E-Book] /
Ethnobiology of Uzbekistan [E-Book] : Ethnomedicinal Knowledge of Mountain Communities /
Concise Guide to Software Engineering [E-Book] : From Fundamentals to Application Methods /
OECD Studies on Water Developing a Water Policy Outlook for Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine [E-Book]
Neglected Tropical Diseases - Europe and Central Asia [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Europe and Central Asia: an update on the epidemiology and control efforts -- Food-borne trematodes - a focus on Russia -- Taenia solium cysticercosis/taeniosis in Europe and Central Asia -- Leishmaniasis...

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Renewable Energy Transition in Asia [E-Book] : Policies, Markets and Emerging Issues /
Table of Contents: ... 12: Water Energy Nexus: Shaping narratives across diverse issues in Asia -- Chapter 13: Potential Macro-economic Impact of the Expansion of Hydroelectric Sector in Central Asia....

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Water Resources Management in Central Asia [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Introduction -- Role of water resources in the modern world -- Evolution of Water Resources Management in Central Asia -- Water resources transfer in Central Asia: Projects, results and perspectives -- Legal aspects of water resources management...

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Reaping digital dividends : leveraging the Internet for development in Europe and Central Asia [E-Book] /
Energy Policies Beyond IEA Countries: Caspian and Black Sea Regions 2015 [E-Book] /
Handbook of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Part) -- Prehistoric Europe (Central and Eastern Part) and Central Asia -- Ancient Egypt and the Classical World -- Traditional Astronomies in Medieval and Modern Europe -- Ancient Near East -- India and the Islamic Near East -- China and the Far East...

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Connecting with Emigrants [E-Book]: A Global Profile of Diasporas 2015 /
Table of Contents: ... -- Netherlands -- New Zealand -- Norway -- Poland -- Portugal -- Slovak Republic -- Slovenia -- Spain -- Sweden -- Switzerland -- Turkey -- United Kingdom -- United States -- Non-OECD European countries and Central Asia: Diaspora profile -- Non-OECD European countries...

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Integrating Human Rights into Development, 2nd Edition [E-Book]: Donor Approaches, Experiences and Challenges, /
Table of Contents: ... -- References -- 8. Experiences from Specific Projects and Programs -- -SDC–UNICEF Girl Child Project in Pakistan -- UNIFEM’s Women’s Rights to Land in Central Asia Program -- BMZ-Funded Kenyan-German Cooperation in the Water Sector -- Implementation of the DAC...

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Anti-corruption Reforms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia [E-Book]: Progress and Challenges, 2009-2013 /
Table of Contents: ...Foreword -- Acronyms -- Executive summary -- Anti-corruption trends in Eastern Europe and Central Asia -- Anti-corruption policy and institutions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia -- Criminalising corruption and enforcement of legislation in Eastern...

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Energy efficiency : lessons learned from success stories [E-Book] /
Anti-corruption Reforms in Eastern Europe and Central Asia [E-Book]: Progress and Challenges, 2009-2013 (Russian version) /
Irrigation in Central Asia in figures : AQUASTAT survey - 2012 [E-Book] /
Looking beyond the horizon : how climate change impacts and adaptation responses will reshape agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia [E-Book] /
Natural Compounds : Flavonoids [E-Book] /