Coil Tubing Unit for Oil Production and Remedial Measures [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... to Predict, Prevent, Delay and Reduce Excessive Water Production -- Oil and Water production rates and ratios -- Material Mass Balance -- Darcy's Law -- Productivity index -- Simulators -- Rate-limited...

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Porous media transport phenomena / [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... Fluid Motion in Porous Media.1. Introduction.2. Flow Potential.3. Modification of Darcy's Law for Bulk- vs. Fluid-Volume Average Pressures.4. Macroscopic Equation of Motion from the Control Volume Approach and Dimensional Analysis.5. Modification of Darcy...

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Homogenization methods for multiscale mechanics / [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ... in a two-slab system -- Seepage in rigid porous media. Equations for seepage flow and Darcy's law ; Uniqueness of the cell boundary-value problem ; Symmetry and positiveness of hydraulic conductivity ; Numerical computation of the permeability tensor...

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Homogenization Techniques for Composite Media [E-Book] : Lectures Delivered at the CISM International Center for Mechanical Sciences Udine, Italy, July 1–5, 1985 /
Table of Contents: ...Homogenization in elasticity -- Models of plates -- Periodic plates -- Macroscopic heat conduction in a fibered body Case of highly conducting fibers at dilute concentration -- to homogenization theory -- Fluids in porous media Darcy's law -- Acoustics...

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