Imago Cosmi [E-Book] : The Vision of the Cosmos and the History of Astronomical Machines /
Introduction to Unified Mechanics Theory with Applications [E-Book] /
A Brief History of Colour Theory [E-Book] : Foundations of Colour Science /
Introduction to Unified Mechanics Theory with Applications [E-Book] /
Your Life in Numbers: Modeling Society Through Data [E-Book] /
Boris Hessen: Physics and Philosophy in the Soviet Union, 1927-1931 [E-Book] : Neglected Debates on Emergence and Reduction /
Table of Contents: ...1. Introduction -- 2. The Fifth Congress of Russian Physicists -- 3. On Comrade Timiryazev's Attitude to Modern Science -- 4. On the Bicentenary of Isaac Newton's Death. Foreword to the Articles by A. Einstein and J.J. Thomson -- 5. Marian Smoluchowski...

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The Birth of Science [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... on Relativity and Infinities -- Chapter 23 - Galileo's Work on Sound and Speed of Light -- Chapter 24 - Rene Descartes - The Rationalist Mathematician -- Chapter 25 - Isaac Newton and the Birth of Modern Physics -- Chapter 26 - The Publication of Principia -- Chapter...

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The Evolving Universe and the Origin of Life [E-Book] : The Search for Our Cosmic Roots /
The Newton papers : the strange and true odyssey of Isaac Newton's manuscripts [E-Book] /
Minitab cookbook : over 110 practical recipes to explore the vast array of statistics in Minitab 17 [E-Book] /
From Aristotle to Schrödinger [E-Book] : The Curiosity of Physics /
Table of Contents: ...The Language of Physics -- The Dawn of Science -- Astronomy Paves the Way -- Galileo: His Life and Work -- The 17th Century: The Bloom of Science -- Isaac Newton -- Classical Mechanics -- The Beginnings of Chemistry -- Thermodynamics and Statistical...

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Newton and the origin of civilization / [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ...Troubled Senses -- Troubled Numbers -- Erudition and Chronology in Seventeenth-Century England -- Isaac Newton on Prophecies and Idolatry -- Aberrant Numbers : The Propagation of Mankind before and after the Deluge -- Newtonian History -- Text...

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Newton and the Netherlands : how Isaac Newton was fashioned in the Dutch republic [E-Book] /
An episodic history of mathematics : mathematical culture through problem solving [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Descartes and the idea of coordinates -- Pierre de Fermat and the invention of differential calculus -- The great Isaac Newton -- The complex numbers and the fundamental theorem of algebra -- Carl Friedrich Gauss: the prince of mathematics -- Sophie Germain...

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The nature of space and time / [E-Book]
...The Isaac Newton Institute series of lectures...

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Isaac Newton on mathematical certainty and method / [E-Book]
Isaac Newton [E-Book] /
Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy [E-Book] : Volume 5 /
Table of Contents: ...• Astronomy in Antarctica -- • Optical Astronomy in Post-Apartheid South Africa: 1994 to 2004 -- • The Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC): Its Role in Leading the Development of Spanish Astrophysics -- • The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes from...

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Axiomatic, Enriched and Motivic Homotopy Theory [E-Book] /
Sherlock Holmes in Babylon : and other tales of mathematical history [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...The crooked made straight: Roberval and Newton on tangents / Paul R. Wolfson -- On the discovery of the logarithmic series and its development in England up to Cotes / Josef Ehrenfried Hofmann -- Isaac Newton: man, myth and mathematics / V. Frederick...

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