Recent Challenges in Intelligent Information and Database Systems [E-Book] : 15th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2023, Phuket, Thailand, July 24-26, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... -- Elitism-based Genetic Algorithm Hyper-heuristic for Solving Real-life Surgical Scheduling Problem -- Speech and Text Processing -- Generation of Arabic Commonsense Explanations -- Automatic Speech Recognition improvement for Kazakh language with Enhanced...

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Advances in Computational Collective Intelligence [E-Book] : 15th International Conference, ICCCI 2023, Budapest, Hungary, September 27-29, 2023, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... developing a children's speech recognition system for languages with limited training data -- Kazakh-Uzbek Speech Cascade Machine Translation on Complete Set of Endings -- Cybersecurity and Internet of Things -- Human-related security threats and countermeasures...

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Recent Challenges in Intelligent Information and Database Systems [E-Book] : 14th Asian Conference, ACIIDS 2022, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 28-30, 2022, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Inter-transaction Patterns -- Development Kazakh-Turkish machine translation on the base of complete set of endings model -- Shapley Additive Explanations for Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis of Internet Movie Database -- Exploring Word Embedding...

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Human Language Technology. Challenges for Computer Science and Linguistics [E-Book] : 9th Language and Technology Conference, LTC 2019, Poznan, Poland, May 17-19, 2019, Revised Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... translator technology -- Computer Application of Georgian Words -- Community-led documentation of Nafsan (Erakor, Vanuatu) -- Design and Development of Pipeline of Preprocessing Tools for Kazakh Language Texts -- Thai Named Entity Corpus Annotation Scheme and Self...

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Speech and Computer [E-Book] : 23rd International Conference, SPECOM 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 27-30, 2021, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Preservation -- USC: An Open-Source Uzbek Speech Corpus and Initial Speech Recognition Experiments -- A Study of Multilingual End-to-End Speech Recognition for Kazakh, Russian, and English -- Dialog Speech Sentiment Classification for Imbalanced Datasets -- Explicit...

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Chinese Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Based on Naturally Annotated Big Data [E-Book] : 15th China National Conference, CCL 2016, and 4th International Symposium, NLP-NABD 2016, Yantai, China, October 15-16, 2016, Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Entropy Model Using Anchor Sentences -- Using Collaborative Training Method to build Vietnamese Dependency Treebank -- Multilinguality in NLP -- A Novel Approach to Improve the Mongolian Language Model using Intermediate Characters -- Improved Joint Kazakh POS...

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Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing [E-Book] : 16th International Conference, CICLing 2015, Cairo, Egypt, April 14-20, 2015, Proceedings, Part I /
Table of Contents: ... or Not, and If so, Where? Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation -- Data-Driven Morphological Analysis and Disambiguation for Kazakh -- Statistical Sandhi Splitter for Agglutinative Languages -- Chunking in Turkish with Conditional...

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Speech and Computer [E-Book] : 16th International Conference, SPECOM 2014, Novi Sad, Serbia, October 5-9, 2014. Proceedings /
Table of Contents: ... Parameters) -- Parametric Representation of Kazakh Gestural Speech -- Personified Voice Interaction Software in Billing Systems -- Phrase-Final Lengthening in Russian: Pre-boundary or Pre-pausal? -- Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control of Automatic Speech...

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Impact of Pollution on Animal Products [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Characterization of the environmental failures in relationship with human and animal health -- Study of Composition and Properties of Oil Pollution -- The Problem of Food-Products Safety in Kazakh Republic -- Analytical Measurement and Levels of Dioxins...

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Advances in High Performance Computing and Computational Sciences [E-Book] : The 1st Kazakh-German Advanced Research Workshop, Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 25 to October 1, 2005 /
Identification of Seismic Sources — Earthquake or Underground Explosion [E-Book] : Proceedings of the NATO Advance Study Institute held at Voksenåsen, Oslo, Norway, September 8–18, 1980 /
Table of Contents: ... Generation by Underground Explosions -- Anomalous Rayleigh Waves from Presumed Explosions in East Kazakh -- P Wave Coupling of Underground Explosions in Various Geologic Media -- Seismic Source Parameter Estimation -- Seismic Moment Tensors -- Determination...

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