History of Arbovirology: Memories from the Field [E-Book] : Volume II: Virus Family and Regional Perspectives, Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis /
Table of Contents: ... Transmission -- 5. The Use of Humanized Mice to Understand Arbovirus Pathogenesis -- 6. Molecular Biology of Arboviruses -- 7. Mosquito-Virus-Environment Interactions -- 8. A Brief Historical Overview of the Discovery of Arboviruses in the USSR and Russia -- 9...

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Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Second International Conference, ADOP 2022, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 06-08, 2022 /
Advanced Problem in Mechanics III [E-Book] : Proceedings of the XLIX International Summer School-Conference "Advanced Problems in Mechanics", 2021, St. Petersburg, Russia /
Proceedings of Third International Conference on Computing, Communications, and Cyber-Security [E-Book] : IC4S 2021 /
Proceedings of the Seventh International Scientific Conference "Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry" (IITI'23) [E-Book] : Volume 1 /
Current Problems in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Systems [E-Book] /
Ecosystems Without Borders 2023 [E-Book] : Opportunities and Challenges /
Table of Contents: ... Self-Replicating Market Failures -- Ecosystem-based Approach to Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries -- Entrepreneurship Developmentin the Old Industrial Cities of RussiaBased on the Ecosystem Approach -- Industrial Clusters and the Process...

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Biomining Technologies [E-Book] : Extracting and Recovering Metals from Ores and Wastes /
Table of Contents: ... of gold ores in Russia and Kazakhstan -- Chapter 12: Biomining in Finland: Commercial Application of Heap and Tank Bioleaching Technologies for Nickel Recovery -- Chapter 13: Mineral Bioleaching in Brackish and Saline Environments -- Chapter 14: Metal Recovery...

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Digital Agriculture for Food Security and Sustainable Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... of Agricultural Tourism Businesses -- Digitalization as a Factor in Improving the Efficiency of Agricultural Production and Living Standards of the Rural Population in Russia -- Improvement of the Grain Quality Assessment System in context of the North Kazakhstan...

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Advances in Natural, Human-Made, and Coupled Human-Natural Systems Research [E-Book] : Volume 1 /
Table of Contents: ...Public Opinion on Park Transformation Projects: The Case of the Oktyabrsky District in Barnaul, Russia -- Application of Polygraph in the Environmental Crimes Investigation -- Reproductive Attitudes of Young Women as a Potential Threat to Social Safety...

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Advances in Natural, Human-Made, and Coupled Human-Natural Systems Research [E-Book] : Volume 2 /
Table of Contents: ...The Comfort Potential and Development Prospects of Cities in the Steppe Zone of Russia Using the Index Method -- Water Resources of Transboundary Rivers in the Steppe Zone under Modern Hydroclimatic Conditions -- Ecological-economical Security...

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Advances in Natural, Human-Made, and Coupled Human-Natural Systems Research [E-Book] : Volume 3 /
Table of Contents: ... (Within the Krasnodar Region of Russia) -- Methodology for Developing a Geoinformation Project for Rational Nature Management of the Land and Property Complex of Russian Northern Territories -- The Pyrological Situation in the Steppe Regions of North Eurasia...

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Digital Transformation: What is the Impact on Workers Today? [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... in the Nomenclature of Professionally Important Qualities of Members of Student Labor Teams -- MOOC Market in Russia: Trends and Tendencies in the Era of Digital Learning Environment in Higher Education -- Smart Work and Lifelong Learning for Workers' Employability...

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Advances in Neural Computation, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Research VII [E-Book] : Selected Papers from the XXV International Conference on Neuroinformatics, October 23-27, 2023, Moscow, Russia /
Management of Structure Formation and Properties of Cement Concretes [E-Book] /
Networked Control Systems for Connected and Automated Vehicles [E-Book] : Volume 2 /
Digital and Information Technologies in Economics and Management [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Digital and Information Technologies in Economics and Management" (DITEM2022) /
Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Agriculture Digitalization and Organic Production (ADOP 2023), St. Petersburg, Russia, June 05-07, 2023 /
Mathematical Modeling and Supercomputer Technologies [E-Book] : 22nd International Conference, MMST 2022, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, November 14-17, 2022, Revised Selected Papers /
Technological Advancements in Construction [E-Book] : Selected Papers /
Table of Contents: ... Design of "Green" Roofs of Extensive Type in Various Climatic Zones of Russia -- Chapter 8: Results of Measuring the Thermal Concrete Properties by the Impulse Method....

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