Cellular Automata [E-Book] : 15th International Conference on Cellular Automata for Research and Industry, ACRI 2022, Geneva, Switzerland, September 12-15, 2022, Proceedings /
Handbook of Magnetic Hybrid Nanoalloys and their Nanocomposites [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- Chapter 14: Theory, modeling, and simulation of magnetic hybrid nanoalloys -- Part II: Characterization techniques and applications. Chapter 15: Microscopy techniques -- Chapter 16: X-ray scattering techniques (XST) -- Chapter 17: Neutron scattering techniques...

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Principles and practices of molecular properties : theory, modeling and simulations /
Principles and practices of molecular properties : theory, modeling and simulations [E-Book] /
Multiscale Paradigms in Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering [E-Book] : Materials Theory, Modeling, and Simulation for Predictive Design /
Cable system transients : theory, modeling and simulation [E-Book] /
NMR of Ordered Liquids [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... Observation and interpretation of residual dipolar couplings in biomolecules -- 9 The search for high-resolution NMR methods for membrane peptide structure -- III Theory, models, and simulations -- 10 Solutes as probes of simplified models of orientational order...

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Nanotechnology Research Directions: IWGN Workshop Report [E-Book] : Vision for Nanotechnology R&D in the Next Decade /
Table of Contents: ...1. Fundamental Scientific Issues for Nanotechnology -- 2. Investigative Tools: Theory, Modeling, and Simulation -- 3. Investigative Tools: Experimental Methods and Probes -- 4. Synthesis, Assembly, and Processing of Nanostructures -- 5. Applications...

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Problem Solving in Computational Molecular Science [E-Book] : Molecules in Different Environments /
Table of Contents: ... theory -- Models for simulating molecular properties in condensed systems -- On calculating the electronic spectroscopy of very large molecules -- Fine and hyperfine structure: Spin properties of molecules -- Molecular simulation - A primer -- Chemical...

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