Cincinnati Observatory [E-Book] : Its Critical Role in the Birth and Evolution of Astronomy in America /
Konrad Zuse's Early Computers [E-Book] : The Quest for the Computer in Germany /
Table of Contents: ...1. Konrad Zuse and the Dawn of the Computer Age -- 2. The Race to Build the Computer in World War II -- 3. The Z1: Architecture and Algorithms of Zuse's First Computer -- 4. The Z2 and the Cipher Machine -- 5. The Architecture of the Z3 -- 6. How to Make...

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The Gambler and the Scholars [E-Book] : Herbert Yardley, William & Elizebeth Friedman, and the Birth of Modern American Cryptology /
Planting the Seeds of Hope : Indiana County Extension Agents During the Great Depression and World War II [E-Book]
Table of Contents: ...23 A Bushel Basket of Eggs Brings In as Much Money as 100 Bushels of Corn -- 24 The Life of an Extension Worker Is an Honorable Occupation and an Interesting One -- Photographs -- Part 3: Soldiers of the Soil During World War II (1940-1945) -- 25 Fitting...

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Investigating Art, History, and Literature with Astronomy [E-Book] : Determining Time, Place, and Other Hidden Details Linked to the Stars /
Table of Contents: ..., and King John and the Loss of the Crown Jewels -- Chapter 7. Mont Saint-Michel in the Hundred Years War, and the Discovery of the Gegenschein -- Chapter 8. The Moon and the Death Valley '49ers, Roosevelt and Churchill at Marrakech, and World War II and the Moon...

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William Shockley: The Will to Think [E-Book] /
Lojek, Bo
Table of Contents: ...History: An Engineering View -- About This Book -- Prologue: The Enigma of Shockley -- Mother and Father -- The Son Billy -- Jean and Emmy -- Bell Telephone Laboratories -- The Nuclear Reactor -- World War II Hero -- The Precursors of "Translating...

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Master of Galactic Astronomy : A Biography of Jan Hendrik Oort [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...Youth in Oegstgeest and Leiden -- Kapateyn and Groningen -- Via Yale to Leiden -- Rotation and Dynamics of the Galaxy -- The Structure of our and Other Galaxies -- The Watershed: World War Ii -- Opening New Avenues -- Fron Kootwijk to Dwingeloo...

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Nuclear Security [E-Book] : The Nexus Among Science, Technology and Policy /
Nuclear Power Explained [E-Book] /
Manhattan Project [E-Book] : The Story of the Century/
A History of the Italian Space Adventure [E-Book] : Pioneers and Achievements from the XIVth Century to the Present /
Obsessed by a Dream [E-Book] : The Physicist Rolf Widerøe - a Giant in the History of Accelerators /
The Renaissance of General Relativity in Context [E-Book] /
Primed for Success: The Story of Scientific Design Company [E-Book] : How Chemical Engineers Created the Petrochemical Industry /
Table of Contents: ...The global industry is poised for change -- Fuels and Chemicals Research help win World War II -- Three entrepreneurs join forces -- Conditions are perfect: A new industry grows rapidly -- Scientific Design becomes successful -- The big breakthrough: Mid...

The History and Science of the Manhattan Project [E-Book] /
Nico Bloembergen [E-Book] : Master of Light /
Jan Hendrik Oort [E-Book] : Master of the Galactic System /
Table of Contents: ... and Adjunct-Director -- World War II: The Watershed -- Opening Up New Avenues -- Spiral Structure, Interstellar Medium and the Crab -- Dwingeloo, ESO, the Vatican and the Cross-Antenna -- Galactic Structure and the Dwingeloo Telescope -- Westerbork, Retirement...

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The Governance Structures of the Bretton Woods Financial Institutions [E-Book] : A Case of "Beggar-Thy-Neighbour" /
Further Adventures of the Celestial Sleuth [E-Book] : Using Astronomy to Solve More Mysteries in Art, History, and Literature /
Table of Contents: ... Nebula, and the 1913 Great Meteor Procession -- Chapter 7: World War II and the Korean War -- Part III: Astronomy in Literature -- Chapter 8: Literary Skies Before 1800 -- Chapter 9: Literary Skies After 1800 -- Part IV: The Terrestrial Sleuth -- Chapter 10...

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Farm Hall and the German Atomic Project of World War II [E-Book] : A Dramatic History /