The Chemical Industry in Europe, 1850–1914 [E-Book] : Industrial Growth, Pollution, and Professionalization /
Determinants in the Evolution of the European Chemical Industry, 1900–1939 [E-Book] : New Technologies, Political Frameworks, Markets and Companies /
Table of Contents: ...1: A New Technology for the 20th Century -- High Pressure Industrial Chemistry: The First Steps, 1909–1913, and the Impact -- 2: The Impact and Burden of World War I -- Chemistry for King and Kaiser: Revisiting Chemical Enterprise and the European War...

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Creations of Fire [E-Book] : Chemistry’s Lively History from Alchemy to the Atomic Age /
Chiral Reactions in Heterogeneous Catalysis [E-Book] /
History of the IAU [E-Book] : The Birth and First Half-Century of the International Astronomical Union /
Table of Contents: ...1 Birth and Consolidation; 1919–1922 -- 2 Earlier 20th Century Developments; World War I -- 3 The IRC and the “Neutral” States; Suspicion and Resentment -- 4 1922–1928: First General Assemblies; IAU Becomes Fully International -- 5 The Years 1928–1938...

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Life of a Scientist [E-Book] : An Autobiographical Account of the Development of Molecular Orbital Theory /
Table of Contents: ...I Early Life in Newburyport -- II Newburyport High School -- III MIT: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering -- IV World War I -- V A Job with the New Jersey Zinc Company -- VI The University of Chicago -- VII NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard, 1923–25...

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German-Jewish Pioneers in Science 1900–1933 [E-Book] : Highlights in Atomic Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry /
Table of Contents: ...I. Historical Background -- A. The Rise of Science in Germany -- B. Entrance of Jews into German Science -- II. Atomic Physics in the Early Twentieth Century -- A. Developments in Physics in the Late Nineteenth Century -- B. The Period Before World War I...

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