Novel Aspects of Diamond II [E-Book] : Science and Technology /
Technological Advances in Tellurite Glasses [E-Book] : Properties, Processing, and Applications /
Table of Contents: ... Glass and Fiber Lasers -- 7 Tellurite Glasses for Optical Amplifiers -- 8 Broadband Emission in Tellurite Glasses -- 9 Tellurite Glass Fibers for Mid-Infrared Nonlinear Applications -- 10 Tellurite Thin Films Produced by RF Sputtering for Optical Waveguides...

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Hot-melt extrusion : pharmaceutical applications [E-Book] /
Functional Gradient Materials and Surface Layers Prepared by Fine Particles Technology [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... water thinnable polymeric binders in die pressing of alumina powders -- Electrical conduction in iron oxide powder coated with polymethyl methacrylate -- From nanosize powders to a diesel soot converter -- Nanocrystalline nickel and nickel-alumina films...

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Diamond Based Composites [E-Book] : and Related Materials /
Table of Contents: ... of Amorphous Diamondlike Carbon Films Produced With a Mass-Separated Ion Beam and Pulsed Arc Discharge -- ESR Study of Neutron Irradiated Doped Diamond Films -- Diamond Based P-I-N Transistor -- Nature of the Origin of Non-Linear Current Voltage Characteristics...

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Fabrication, Properties and Applications of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...-VI Semiconductor GaSe On Si(111) 7x7 Surface -- Fabrication and Simulation of 0.1 ?m Pseudomorphic HEMTs. The Role of Partially Depleted p-Buffer -- Crystal Structure Investigation of PbO Thin Films Produced by Pulsed Laser Evaporation -- Modeling...

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Physicochemical Aspects of Polymer Surfaces [E-Book] : Volume 1 /
Table of Contents: ... of the Electronic Structure of Poly-p-Phenylene Sulfide -- XPS Analysis of Fluorocarbon Films Produced by Sputtering of a PTFE Bulk Cathode -- Localized Auger States in Polyethylene -- The Influence of a Substrate on the Surface Characteristics of Silane Layers -- II...

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Advances in Polymer Friction and Wear [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... and Dynamics of Surface and Subsurface Polymer Films Produced by Direct Fluorination, as Revealed by ESCA -- Author Index....

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Chemistry and physics of carbon. 26, 26.