Regular Black Holes [E-Book] : Towards a New Paradigm of Gravitational Collapse /
Table of Contents: ...1) Non-singular gravitational collapse in General Relativity with high-density corrections (Daniele Malafarina) -- 2) Gravitational collapse with torsion (Nikodem Poplawski) -- 3) Classification of geodesically complete black holes (Raul Carballo Rubio...

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General Relativity and Cosmology [E-Book] : A First Encounter /
Table of Contents: .... Black holes and gravitational collapse -- Chapter 11. Linearized general relativity and gravitational waves -- Part IV: Cosmology -- Chapter 12. The Einstein field equations for cosmology -- Chapter 13. The cosmological metric -- Chapter 14. The dynamical...

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Submillimetre Studies of Prestellar and Starless Cores in the Ophiuchus, Taurus and Cepheus Molecular Clouds [E-Book] /
Gravity and the Quantum : Pedagogical Essays on Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Quantum Gravity [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... -- Tevian Dray Piecewise Conserved Quantities -- Pankaj Joshi Self-Similarity and Criticality in Gravitational Collapse -- Claus Kiefer Notes on semiclassical Weyl gravity -- Dawood Kothawala Accelerated Observers, Thermal Entropy, and Spacetime Curvature...

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Astrophysics of Black Holes [E-Book] : From Fundamental Aspects to Latest Developments /
Table of Contents: ... the Universe -- A brief review of relativistic gravitational collapse -- General relativity in a nutshell....

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1st Karl Schwarzschild Meeting on Gravitational Physics [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... in Alternative Theories of Gravity (Maximiliano Isi, Jonas Mureika and Piero Nicolini) -- Gravitational collapse to black holes and more (Daniele Malafarina) -- Experimental Tests of Pseudo-Complex General Relativity (Thomas Schönenbach, Gunther Caspar, Peter O. Hess...

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Cosmological and Black Hole Apparent Horizons [E-Book] /
Rotating relativistic stars [E-Book] /
Einstein's Relativity [E-Book] : The Ultimate Key to the Cosmos /
Black Hole Astrophysics [E-Book] : The Engine Paradigm /
Table of Contents: ... Evolving Geometry: Gravitational Waves and Gravitational Collapse -- Nuts and Bolts of the Black Hole Engine: General Relativistic Mechanics -- Part III Astrophysics of Black Hole Engines -- Assembling the Engine Block: Formation of Black Holes in the Universe...

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Introduction to black hole physics / [E-Book]
Subject (ZB): ...Gravitational collapse....

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Gravitational Collapse and Spacetime Singularities [E-Book] /
Current Trends in Relativistic Astrophysics [E-Book] : Theoretical, Numerical, Observational /
Table of Contents: ...Relativistic Astrophysics -- Relativistic Astrophysics -- Black Holes:Theory, Evolution, Accretion and Stability -- Black Hole Thermodynamics -- Perturbations of Black Holes -- Critical Phenomena in Gravitational Collapse: The Role of Angular Momentum...

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Quantum Gravity [E-Book] : From Theory to Experimental Search /
Table of Contents: ...Quantum Gravity - A General Introduction -- That Strange Procedure Called Quantisation -- Lectures in Loop-Quantum Gravity -- A Discrete History of the Lorentzian Path Integral -- Introduction to String Theory -- Quantum Theory of Gravitational Collapse...

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Recent Developments in General Relativity, Genoa 2000 [E-Book] /
Cianci, R.
Table of Contents: ... Detector AURIGA -- Classical Relativity -- Connections in Distributional Bundles and Field Theories -- The Spectrum of Endstates of Spherical Gravitational Collapse -- Quantum Zeno Effect and the Detection of Gravitomagnetism -- Sagnac, Gclock Effect...

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New Horizons of Computational Science [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Supercomputing held in Tokyo, Japan, September 1–3, 1997 /
Table of Contents: ... of Molecular Clouds: The Initial Phase of a Stellar Cluster -- Formation of Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds -- Three Dimensional MHD Simulations of Accretion Disks and Jet Formation -- Gravitational Collapse of Rotating Clouds: Bar Formation in a Self...

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Physics of Neutron Star Interiors [E-Book] /
Frontiers of Fundamental Physics 4 [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ... puzzle -- 14. Classical and quantum solutions of 2+1 dimensional gravity -- 15. Gravitational collapse -- 16. Gravitational wave and spiral galaxy (Gravito-Radiative Force) -- 17. Cosmology as a fonnat of perceiving reality -- 18. Schwarzschild metrics, quasi...

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Recent Developments in General Relativity [E-Book] /
Table of Contents: ...? -- Multiplicity of Timelike Geodesics in Splitting Lorentzian Manifolds -- Gravitational Collapse of Fluid Bodies and Cosmic Censorship: Analytic Insights -- Black Holes and Solitons -- The Prolongation Problem for the Heavenly Equation -- Time Extremizing Trajectories...

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The Universe [E-Book] : Visions and Perspectives /
Table of Contents: ... Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors -- 12 The Epistemology of Cosmology -- 13 Mathematics and Science -- 14 Radiation Reaction in Electrodynamics and General Relativity -- 15 Gravitational Collapse: The Story So Far -- 16 Thoughts on Galactic Magnetism -- 17...

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